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  1. Website Happenings
  2. UAmCc Trade Name & Organization Transferred to Membership
  3. New UAmCc Transition Team Member - Scott Millen!
  4. New UAMCC Logo
  5. Grease Police Donation to the UAMCC
  6. UAMCC as a Invited Guest
  7. New UAMCC Transition Team Member - Scott Stone
  8. UAMCC Retains KBK GraphX for Printing Services
  9. UAMCC Receives Donation from Clean County!
  10. For Immediate Release
  11. UAMCC Fundraising - Rob Huffman
  12. Wosb
  13. New UAMCC Transition Team Member ~ David Vicars
  14. New UAMCC Transition Team Member - Rob Huffman
  15. New UAMCC Transition Team Member ~ Jeff LeCours
  16. UAMCC Forum attacked by hackers
  17. UAMCC Membership Contest!
  18. Terry Miller - We Thank You!!
  19. Lets Say Thanks In Support Of Our Troops!!
  20. Is the UAMCC a non-profit organization?
  21. A Couple Weeks Off for the Transition Team!
  22. Promote Yourself & the Industry!
  23. UAMCC 2009 Seminars/Roundtables
  24. Picture Day for the Pressure Washing Industry!!
  25. A little Industry 'bump and grind'!
  26. An Update To Forum Guidelines - 2 minute read
  27. We Are Still Here and Are Working Hard For YOU!!
  28. UAMCC Industry Conference Call Schedule
  29. For Everyone Who Has Donated To The UAMCC
  30. UAMCC Contractors Charter Membership #3 through #10
  31. UAMCC Supplier Membership
  32. Sunbrite Supply UAMCC Supplier Member #1
  33. YouTube Function Now Available
  34. Please Welcome UAMCC Suppler Member Easy Clean Systems
  35. UAMCC Supplier Member Delco Cleaning Systems
  36. Facebook
  37. UAMCC Supplier Member National Cleaning Expo
  38. UAMCC Supplier Member Armstrong-Clark Company
  39. Announcement from Scott Stone
  40. UAMCC In Upcoming Issue of American Painter Magazine!
  41. UAMCC Supplier Member The Sealer Store
  42. UAMCC's First Banner!!!
  43. Pressure Washing News?
  44. Business Section Has Gone "Private"
  45. Secretary of State of Calif. Incorporates the UAMCC
  46. UAMCC and Dun & Bradstreet
  47. Final Comments Prior to the UAMCC Launch!
  48. 21 UAMCC Members in NY!!!!!
  49. To All New UAMCC Organization Members - Please sound OFF - IMPORTANT
  50. Bitter Sweet!!
  51. Let it Begin - UAMCC Open for Online Membership!
  52. UAMCC Kaiser, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Group Rates
  53. The NEW UAMCC website
  54. What an incredible run it has been
  55. Weekends Are For My Family!
  56. Wash Water Runoff Mangement in Charlotte
  57. As of April 9th
  58. Please Welcome Your Deck Medic as our newest member!
  59. UAMCC Members - 1.28Million+ sq.ft Parking Garage Bid
  60. Please Welcome Palmetto Home & Deck LLC
  61. Please Welcome Carolina ProWash LLC
  62. Please Welcome Tegrey Coatings as a UAMCC Contractor Member
  63. Please Welcome Guy B of Pressure Kleen to the UAMCC
  64. SC/NC UAMCC Members ~ check your email!
  65. Certification in Boston
  66. Please Welcome Joseph D. Walters ~ UAMCC Supplier Member
  67. Please Welcome Christian B. as UAMCC's Newest Member!
  68. Welcome Aboard to Mike Cooke
  69. Please Welcome Tony Szaebo
  70. Please Welcome Chris Reinhardt as a UAMCC Contractor Member
  71. Patrick Konen of Curb Appeal Joins the UAMCC
  72. UAMCC Contractor Member ~ Eliel Moreira
  73. UAMCC Contractor Member Joseph Rafferty!!
  74. Mr. Ed Edgar - UAMCC Contractor Member!
  75. Rick & Debbie Byron = UAMCC Contractor Member
  76. Cliff Hatcher of TN Joins the UAMCC
  77. Proud to be a new member
  78. Alabama UAMCC Contractor Member
  79. Please Welcome LMRG Pressure Washing
  80. Scott D - UAMCC BBS Moderator
  81. Eric and Jennifer F. ~ UAMCC BBS Moderator
  82. Welcome Aboard to Gene F. aka as "Lightning Clean"
  83. Matthew J. - UAMCC BBS Moderator
  84. Don P. ~ UAMCC BBS Moderator
  85. Michael T *Centex* ~ UAMCC BBS Moderator
  86. 69 Members - Bravo Zulu!!
  87. UAMCC Contractor Member ~ Antonio Getzson
  88. UAMCC and TWS Carve Out A Relationship
  89. Thanks to the Charter Members
  90. Henry B - UAMCC BBS Moderator
  91. ..and John T completes the package - Moderator
  92. New UAMCC Supplier Member ~ First American Payment Systems
  93. Gary Schell - UAMCC Contractor Member
  94. CPA for the UAMCC
  95. UAMCC Supplier Member ~ Flynn Distrubutors, Inc.
  96. UAMCC Contractor Member ~ Clean Image Pressure Washing
  97. Time To Do the Right Thing...
  98. UAMCC Supplier Member - CMI Chemical Corp
  99. UAMCC Down For Maintenance and Banner Upload
  100. Please Welcome Daniel Hulbert as a UAMCC Contractor Member!
  101. Please Welcome Isaac B from N.W. ProWash, LLC
  102. Please Welcome ANR Pressure Washing ~ Lonnie Greenwood
  103. Getting the Word Out About the UAMCC in a Big Way!
  104. Gary Saferight - Extreme Surface Cleaning - UAMCC Member!
  105. UAMCC Insurance Coverage
  106. Welcome aboard Magic Touch - Kevin Williams!
  107. Ready Seal as a UAMCC Supplier Member!
  108. Please Welcome Envirospec as a UAMCC Supplier Member!
  109. Please Welcome Daniel Tambasco as a UAMCC Contractor Member!
  110. Rick Petry - Windsor Wood Care = UAMCC Contractor Member
  111. Welcome Aboard to Georgia Vent Works - Roger Medbery
  112. Sentinel Cleaning Inc - Trey Posey - Welcome Aboard!
  113. New UAMCC Contractor Member - Chris Tharpe - Mobile Wash Pros
  114. New UAMCC Supplier Member - Tech Wash Inc.
  115. Valley Mobile Cleaning, Inc. = UAMCC Contractor Member!
  116. Welcome to K & J Pressure Cleaning LLC ~ Kory Finley
  117. GA UAMCC Contractor Member!
  118. Please Welcome Madison Gonzales as our UAMCC Temp Worker!
  119. As of June 13, 2009 the UAMCC Membership is....
  120. Thanks to American Window Cleaner Magazine!
  121. Steve Button - CleanFast USA - Welcome Aboard!
  122. Please Welcome D.J. - Easy Pro to the UAMCC
  123. Please Welcome Pat Motz ~ Great White Technologies
  124. Eco Cleaning Systems - Sharlyn Kaiser
  125. Great Article in Cleaner Times - July
  126. Please Welcome Lenny's Power Washing & Sealing, Inc. to the UAMCC!!
  127. Please Welcome V-Seal to the UAMCC
  128. Please Welcome Pro-Jet Services to the UAMCC!
  129. UAMCC Featured In The American Window Cleaner Magazine
  130. Welcome to H20 Power Cleaning!
  131. Welcome to DETAILS Pressure Washing Services
  132. NEW UAMCC Contractor Member
  133. Welcome Aboard Josh from Welchs Pressure Washing!
  134. Action Plus Pressure Cleaning - Welcome to the UAMCC!
  135. For Immediate Release ~ UAMCC/TWS Ink Deal with Jack in the Box
  136. Welcome Jeremy Clark from Clark Services
  137. Steamaway Joins the UAMCC
  138. UAMCC Adds Supplier Member ~ Seal Lock System Corp
  139. Mike Cooke - Palmetto Power Cleaning - Moderator Status
  140. Sunbrite UAMCC FL RT free membership
  141. Because of SunBrite Supply ~ Please Welcome Chris McCloud - Sampson Power Washing
  142. Welcome Aboard TNT Power Washing
  143. Welcome Aboard to East Coast Power Wash, LLC
  144. Hydrotek/Kohler Convention giveaway SPONSOR
  145. Early bird convention special
  146. Welcome Aboard to Randy Borio of Panther Outdoor Maintenance!
  147. Another Contractor Joins the UAMCC!
  148. Bethesda Power Washing Joins the UAMCC!
  149. Thank You Gulf Coast Power Washing
  150. Welcome Aboard Derek - The Powerwash Company
  151. UAMCC Goes International - Canada Business Becomes Part of UAMCC
  152. Trey Smith from Apex Pro Wash Joins the UAMCC
  153. Please Welcome Kevin from PAL's Power Washing, LLC
  154. Welome Aboard to AFS - Mark Jackson
  155. WebFirst Creations Joins the UAMCC
  156. Welcome aboard Bill Clemmons from "Clean up America Fast"
  157. Vinyl Bright Power Washing Joins UAMCC
  158. Causey Contracting is now a UAMCC Member!
  159. Halifax Pressure Washing Joins UAMCC Assoc.
  160. C & D Professional Window Cleaning Joins UAMCC
  161. Ziegler & Sons Joins UAMCC
  162. Miami Company Joins the UAMCC!
  163. Coastal First Impressions Joins the UAMCC
  164. Rolling Suds, Inc Joins the UAMCC
  165. Erik Goldson - Golden State Power Washing Joins UAMCC!
  166. Carolina Chemical Equipment Co. Inc. Joins UAMCC!
  167. A-Team Joins the UAMCC
  168. All Star Services, Inc - Welcome to the UAMCC
  169. Optimal Power Washing, LLC - Hits the UAMCC with a Membership!
  170. Elected UAMCC Board of Directors
  171. JTWC Professional Cleaning Services Joins the UAMCC
  172. GNR Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Joins UAMCC
  173. ACS Power Wash Joins UAMCC
  174. JC Painting & Powerwashing, LLC - Picks Up A UAMCC Membership!
  175. Sunday in orlando
  176. Its all mine
  177. Exhibitors
  178. 11 Members Join the UAMCC in Orlando!
  179. Baylor's Pressure Washing Joins the UAMCC
  180. My Pressure Cleaning, Inc. - Joins UAMCC
  181. Mobile Wash Services, Inc. Becomes a UAMCC Contractor Member!
  182. Jacobs Pressure Cleaning Picks Up a UAMCC Membership!!
  183. Alan Drummond + Dr. Power Washers, Inc = UAMCC Membership!
  184. Island Shine from NY Joins the UAMCC
  185. Randy Grillo from Airstrcam Pressure Washing Inc. Joins the UAMCC
  186. Mr. Ron Santana from Full Throttle Joins the UAMCC
  187. Professional Mobile Power Wash Inc. Lands a UAMCC Membership!
  188. Miami Company Joins the UAMCC During the Convention!
  189. South Carolina Company Joins the UAMCC
  190. Quality Pressure Cleaning Joins UAMCC
  191. Montana Company Joins the UAMCC!
  192. Texas Power Clean Joins UAMCC!!
  193. Welcome Wolverine Power Washing Company
  194. Welcome Aboard Robert Qualls to the UAMCC
  195. Hello to all
  196. today is the day!!!!!!
  197. Hot and Mighty ~ Tom Durbin Joins UAMCC as a Supplier Member!
  198. Congratulations to ALL of You at UAMCC
  199. Recent Events
  200. Carolina Pro Wash Wins Free Membership in TX
  201. Welcome Your Newest Director-Elects
  202. BOD elect resigns position within UAMCC
  203. Christmas Vacation
  204. The Cycle has Been Broken - Welcome Aboard to James Cooney - Grime Busters!!
  205. Happy B Day Bob W
  206. Advertisement/Cleaner Times
  207. UAMCC Supplier Member - ACR Rolls Out New Website!
  208. A Quick Board Update
  209. MaresPro Pressure Wash Joins UAMCC
  210. Chapman Property Services Joins UAMCC
  211. UNITED HOSE Joins as UAMCC Supplier Member
  212. Hotbucket joins the UAMCC
  213. 2-9-10 update
  214. The UAMCC BBS: New Life - Read to see what's changing
  215. Forum Calendar
  216. Robert Hinderliter Retires
  217. UAMCC BOD Announcement 3/24/10
  218. UAMCC BOD Announcement 3/24/10
  219. UAMCC BOD Announcement 3/24/10
  220. New Facebook Fan Page!
  221. From the Pres...
  222. From the Pres...
  223. From the Pres
  224. From the Pres
  225. Forum Rules
  226. UAMCC Forum Update - all members please read
  227. Our BBS has a new look!
  228. Why not ?
  229. UAMCC Contractor Directory update
  230. Welcome Your Newest Director!
  231. Update 2 July, 2010
  232. Pressure Washing Contractor Directory is here!!!
  233. Will You Join Us????????
  234. Membership Benefits
  235. Please Welcome Back Armstrong Clark!!!!!!!!
  236. Please Welcome Back Armstrong Clark!!!!!!!!
  237. Carlos Gonzales' membership termination
  238. George Hedley - Paid!
  239. UAMCC Stimulus Plan
  240. NEW MEMBER BENEFIT ~ United Regional Purchasing Coop
  241. Lets thanks Jake Clark from Armstrong Stains for renewing his membership
  242. Charleston Membership Special
  243. Charleston Prizes!
  244. New and Renewing Members
  245. Charleston's 1st UAMCC Member
  246. More Pictures from Charleston
  247. Thanks Chris Tharpe!!!!
  248. Thank You Jeff LeCours!!!!
  249. Join the new UAMCC facebook page!!
  250. Thank you NCE!
  251. 2011 Convention Committee is now forming!
  252. Poll for Best Month to have a UAMCC Convention
  253. UAMCC BB is starting to get over 500 visitors daily!!!
  254. Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers
  255. Ideas?????
  256. Donations to the UAMCC to help them along
  257. BOD Changes
  258. ACR annual March Rountable madness is soon here again March 5-6 2011
  259. Milwaukee 2day Educational Seminar
  260. Please Welcome Our Newest UAMCC Board Member
  261. Sorry for my recent invisibility
  262. Pressure Washing News
  263. Users Please Read
  264. Photo Contest!
  265. BOD news
  266. Its Official
  267. 2011 St. Louis Roundtable
  268. Win a Pressure Washer to benefit Make A Wish
  269. UAMCC endorses Enviromental BMP
  270. Tampa Roundtable UAMCC Safety Certification
  271. New UAMCC BOD members
  272. Where Is Our Press Release On BMPS
  273. Thank you, Robert Hinderliter.
  274. Tapatalk
  275. Reframing BMPs -- Now Online
  276. UAMCC Elections
  277. Nomination & Voting Questions
  278. Renewing Members.....Thank You!!!
  279. New Members....Welcome!!!
  280. Nominee List....Stay Tuned, It's Growing
  281. Should I run for the UAMCC VP slot??
  282. Nominees....Please Tell Us About Yourself
  283. Congratulations Director Nominees!!!!!!!
  284. Logo Changes
  285. Slogan changes
  286. UAMCC Holiday BBS Closure
  287. Merry Christmas
  288. UAMCC Ballots have been sent!
  289. Visiting the Hinderliters
  290. Great stuff
  291. Thank you Beth!
  292. Happy new year
  293. Help Carlos David Vicars anyone that might know where a sigle Digital Copy of member packets are?
  294. UAMCC Election Results
  295. The New UAMCC BOD Elect for 2012 ~ Please Respond
  296. Our URL
  297. helloooooooo?
  298. It's official as of Jan 16th 2012
  299. Membership update
  300. Sunbrite customer service
  301. Membership packet
  302. Industry Standards & Certifications at The UAMCC.org 2012 & 2013
  303. Happy Birthday Trevor
  304. Welcome UAMCC New Member Tony Snyder
  305. User Name Changes
  306. Attn New members We need Volunteers for Oversight committee
  307. Member Renewal Notice
  308. Job Lead Philadelphia Area
  309. Happy Birthday Nichole
  310. What's going on with UAMCC Certifications? What is it? What stage is it at?
  311. UAMCC Welcomes Starbrite
  312. Welcome Connor Lang
  313. Welcome Ray Burke of Spray Wash
  314. Eagle Pride Pressure Washing Welcome
  315. Welcome Gus from All Clean
  316. Diamond Roof Cleaning
  317. Welcome Jason Hatch
  318. Big Welcome to Josh
  319. Welcome Bryan Henson
  320. Welcome Rance Tilley
  321. Free hose giveway
  322. Welcome Florida Cleaning Solutions
  323. Welcome Your Window CLeaner
  324. Welcome Ron Winnie
  325. Welcome You Bet Your Glass
  326. Welcome East Coast Property Maintenance
  327. Welcome JD Pressure Washing
  328. $7100.00 in prizes......
  329. Huntsville Alabama Workshop
  330. Welcome Keenan Gilligan
  331. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
  332. Free certification?
  333. Times are Tough And times are Hard..Heres is your Christmas Card
  334. Membership
  335. PWI Server Blew 48 hours to update the Monster
  336. January 2013 Presidents & Board or Directors message
  337. UAMCC Signed up 26 New Members at AC lockyer Softwash Sytems event. WOW!!!!
  338. Pricing Guaranteed for shipping if you buy now from Soap Warehouse
  339. UAMCC By Laws
  340. WEBINAR Associations, Certifications, Seals and Logos, Power or Poppy****?
  341. Who's going to Jersey this weekend 3/22/13
  342. New Jersey Event
  343. Lightning clean trailer signs
  344. Congrats James! Its a girl!
  345. It's been great.
  346. Sirrocco surface cleaner
  347. Town Hall?
  348. Press Release: New UAMCC Board Members
  349. Forum Being Upgraded: Pardon our dust.
  350. Congrats David Myers! $250 Rebate from Hydro Tek!
  351. Congrats Joshua Wills! $250 Rebate from Hydro Tek!
  352. Check out our Calendar!
  353. Round of golf during the Houston convention
  354. Jillian Shelton the President wants to thank you for the work you have done.
  355. Remembering David Olson
  356. UAMCC Contributing Member Benefit: Free Gallon of F9 BARC The World's Best Rust Remover
  357. UAMCC Tax Exempt Status from State of California
  358. PressureWasher.net Wash Water Control Event San Diego 2014
  359. UAMCC California Drought info for all Power Washing Contractors
  360. UAMCC Press Release 11-20-2014
  361. UAMCC window certification ready
  362. My Final Address 2015
  363. Random Prize Give-aways United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners.
  364. FREE Galaxy Pad Giveaway Monday 16th at 5pm EASY
  365. Oversite Commitee Members Needed
  366. What ? No video of our New UAMCC President
  367. Checkin in
  368. FREE Atlanta Training / Education / Networking / certification Event / 2015 August 19th & 20th
  369. I have been the immediate Past president for the last year, Doug will take the reins soon.
  370. Web Committee please Check in Here
  371. Memo From Assistant Director LeiLani Chostner
  372. 2016 UAMCC Board Of Directors Election
  373. Pm school
  374. Jon Karmazyn BIO: Running for BOD position 2016-2016
  375. Memo: From Executive Director LeiLani Chostner
  376. 2016 UAMCC National Convention
  377. Seal 'n Lock Associate of the year
  378. Regional Event December 6th & 7th Savannah GA 2016
  379. Announcement concerning our Executive Director
  380. New UAMCC app
  381. Clean Matters Magazine cover photo
  382. Blast! from Clean Matters Magazine
  383. Free PowerWashStore.com/RHG Denver Networking Event 2017 Seminar/instructions/sales
  384. UAMCC Blog
  385. Why Should I Join?
  386. Thank you Aaron Ritchie
  387. Environmental Director Resignation Announcement
  388. Director's Reports
  389. The Board of Directors Letter to the Membership Released weeks Ago
  390. Letter from Our Board of Directors about Ramon Burkes resignation from VP
  391. Looking for election committee volunteers Please call me or chime in here
  392. Membership Meeting February 21, 2018
  393. Contractor Listing Not Showing
  394. UAMCC Staff is Here to Help!
  395. Members Please Accept my resignation of this web social media Committee.
  396. Good Afternoon UAMCC Members!
  397. F9 Training Live L&H
  398. Good morning UAMCC!
  399. Resignation from BOD - William Davis
  400. UAMCC Membership Meeting 2018 (All Welcome)
  401. Thank You George Clarke
  402. Jeff Price resignation
  403. Jamie Schmidt rescinding resignation
  404. Violation of confidentiality
  405. Request of financials
  406. Official Request From the Membership Committee to the BoD
  407. Resignation Letter
  408. Alex Hennessey Resignation
  409. Acceptance of Jamie Schmidt’s Resignation twice in the last weeks
  410. Statement on tax status
  411. Statement on individuals claiming to be the UAMCC Membership Committee
  412. Public Apology
  413. Jamie Schmidt Removal from the UAMCC
  414. William Davis Removal from the UAMCC
  415. 2019 Membership meeting