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  1. Welcome
  2. Role call
  3. Window cleaning demos at the NCE
  4. Are you using pure water to keep you safe?
  5. How do you get pure water to the windows?
  6. Who loves storm windows?
  7. What add ons do you offer?
  8. A valuable addition to your PPE
  9. Water fed pole yay or nay?
  10. Window cleaning school
  11. Do you need help with window cleaning?
  12. Why did I start a school?
  13. Sponsors can be a great asset to education
  14. Will Sqeegeeology be killed by Brushology?
  15. Who loves a good surprise?
  16. Calling dedicated window cleaners...
  17. Anyone seen this new towel?
  18. How would you remove the end clips from an Unger Ninja channel?
  19. 1st class of Mr Squeegee U. How did it go?
  20. What's your favorite squeegee channel and handle setup?
  21. Version II of the popular Gardiner line will be out soon
  22. Who loves instant gratification?
  23. How do you control the flow?
  24. What would you use for dirty sill cleaning on the outsides?
  25. Cool hose for light use
  26. Do you do it this way?
  27. How many pressure washers think this is true?
  28. Would you use it?
  29. Downloadable Flyer: Angie's List Founder's Article on Need for Roof Cleaning
  30. WCI hat from JRC
  31. You can't go wrong with this
  32. Next best thing to a wfp
  33. New video series - Out in the Cold
  34. Out in the Cold episode 2
  35. Out in the Cold episode 3
  36. Out in the Cold episode 4
  37. Before and After pics
  38. Storm windows are a real pane
  39. New vinyl logo for WCI
  40. New ladder tie downs
  41. How time consuming are big houses?
  42. Reviews
  43. Winter Window Cleaning
  44. Winter Window Tip: Remove Those Screens
  45. Pictures
  46. Removing screens for exterior cleaning
  47. Handy cordless sill vacuum
  48. Great Photo of Reach-iT and CONSTRUCTOR
  49. Pricing house washing
  50. Water behind siding