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Terry Miller
08-26-2008, 02:29 PM
I am not shure where to put this?
Does anyone know anything about Schedule Optimization? I will be looking at it seriously. Our time is very short and we must utilize it as possible. Any comments? Thank You.

Terry Miller
08-29-2008, 07:33 AM
I have been looking into Schedule Optimazation. The time it takes you to mix chemicals, gas your vehicle or get your morning coffee are all part of SO. If you have five calls to make to customers in the morning, need that cup of coffee and want to check into this BBS, it could all be done at one stop. Starbucks, offers the coffee, wifi, and you could make calls all there. How about a speaker phone in the office, so you can talk and do something else at the same time? Again, an earpiece for making calls, while driving? I do not promote any of these items, you need to do them as you feel is the safest for you. With our new tablet estimating, if I can get everything to work, I will estimate a project, using a laser tape when possible, make changes as directed, add all the info needed, including products, print out a hard copy and get the customer signature, on the spot. It is possible to send the info back to my office at the same time. This will certainly cut my time on estimating. SO doesn't always have to be high tech. Think about how you can cut 10 minutes from every job you do. If you only save 10 minutes a day, 50 minutes a week, 200 per month and 2400 per year. My friend you have just opened up 40 more hrs. per year. You have added one full week to build your business do more work or take a nice vacation. All on 10 minutes per day. Any ideas to add would greatly be appreciated. I need more time to do other things! LOL Thank You.

Carlos Gonzales
09-02-2008, 01:13 AM
Is there some sofware out there that a contractor could buy to help them organize their day a little bit better?

Terry Miller
09-03-2008, 11:19 AM
Correct. There is tons of software available for business optimization. In some recent readings, I found we actually use business optimization daily. We gather info about our customers, sort it and utilize the info for further business. One example would be, 90 % of our business is referral. Meaning our customers sell our business. They enjoy the results we give them for solving their problems. Promblem: Mold growing on their siding. Answer: Contacting a company which specializes in siding mold removal. (Tegrey Family of Coaintgs inc). They call, we sell the job, we remove the mold. Thus solving their problem. Now they are on track of recommending mold removal from siding to their friends and neighborhood. Instead of paying for more amounts of advertising and marketing, we utuilize our present customers for further business. Studying who buys our business and who recommends us, is a form of business optimization. If you think of it, we all try to use some form of business optimization. Thank You.