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Carlos Gonzales
03-10-2009, 10:57 AM
Using a broad definition of our market, every pressure washing business owner, distributor/manufacturer and every single building owner in the continental U.S. is a potential consumer of the programs and services offered by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. If we were to temper that broad definition with a conservative, realistic and prioritized formula, we still have the opportunity to reach a deep and vast market, the entire U.S. and abroad. Simply stated, there are literally millions of individuals that meet this market definition. Our target market is pressure washing contractors, distributors/manufacturers and the general public. Our core market is pressure washing contractors across the U.S..

We feel that in order to establish a foothold within this vast market and create brand awareness for the unique and high-quality benefits we are offering, we need to focus our initial marketing efforts on acquiring appropriate retention levels with pressure washing contractors and distributors. The initial marketing effort will extend through our first twelve months of operation and target a market segment specifically unique and geared towards these two areas of the pressure washing industry. By any measure, this remains a richly populated market of approximately 90% of the market share.
As a result of scaling our initial efforts in this manner, we are able to leverage our strong ties both on a national and local front with communities and media outlets. To drive awareness, we will supplement the support we receive from local efforts with a broad sweeping outreach program, focused direct mail campaigns, and media placement. This effort will produce the retention numbers for UAMCC membership and also offer public awareness of the pressure washing industry. The bi-product of this effort will drive customers to the UAMCC contractor! Our outreach will focus primarily on serving the pressure washing contractor. Benefits will be tailored to fit the needs of the pressure washing contractor both on a local and national level. Simultaneously the distributor/manufacturer customer will reap the benefits from a second tier formula. Simply put, if contractors have more work then distributors/manufacturers sale more supplies and equipment to the pressure washing contractor.

In addition, our benefits will extend to the general public in which they will be given a place on the UAMCC website to post or request the service of a UMACC contractor member.

The UAMCC will serve three primary groups of customers.

Pressure washing contractor;
General public;
All of our target customers may be defined as corporate clients who are continually looking for new, refreshing ideas and strategies that furthers the mission of the UAMCC. The UAMCC will begin serving these groups in the order listed above. The pressure washing contractor is a key link between the other two customers the UAMCC will serve.

The pressure washing contractor

The pressure washing business can be broken down into sub-sets of the market segmentation in which specific and unique business modalities are present within the industry. The availability of market sub-sets provides the UAMCC with the ability to monitor and document trends within the market sub-sets.

The UAMCC supports the belief that contractors in the pressure washing industry makes up three quarters or 75% of the industry market share. It is with this belief and the reestablishment of our lead position in the industry that, we as contractors are leveraging our influence through representation and by our membership base. Simply put, the pressure washing contractor dominates the industry by numbers. The UAMCC objective will be to revitalize and expose these numbers by offering a contractor driven association.

Target Market Segment Strategy

The UAMCC will implement a multi-disciplinary target market strategy
i.e. benefits, website, direct marketing that will support and define the UAMCC's market segmentation i.e pressure washing contractor, distributor/manufacturer and the general public.

The target market strategy for the UAMCC is derived, in part, due to the past and current state-of-affairs in the pressure washing industry described earlier in the UAMCC's Market Analysis Summary. The UAMCC target market strategy will evolve under the following categories:

Transparency: The UAMCC of today and tomorrow must continue to operate from a transparent perspective as it relates to the overall mission statement of the UAMCC organization. Particular safe guards are in place to ensure a 'balance and responsible' setting within the infrastructure of the UAMCC. The by-laws (see attached) have been rewriting and tailored in which multiple safeguards are in place to ensure true transparency and purpose will remain intact throughout the association.
Internet: The success of the UAMCC will weigh heavily on its ability to acquire and sustain a high ranking internet presence. The UAMCC website, www.uamcc.org (http://www.uamcc.org/) will be the portal of information for the pressure washing industry. The internet will serve as a vehicle for the UAMCC to reach it's members, potential members and the general public with information. This information will be in the form of data, interaction between the public and members, promotion, advertisement, RFP's and sales. The capability and potential is unlimited and the UAMCC Transition Team has made the necessary arrangement(s) and move(s) so that the UAMCC can deliver a well thought out and quality program via our internet presence. A high ranking profile with Google and other search enging submissions is only one of many purposeful acts the UAMCC has performed and will continue to perform for internet dominance in the pressure washing industry. The full use of the internet's capability to help bridge the contractor, distributor, manufacturer and the general public has never been attempted in a serious or viable way before in the pressure washing industry. Please refer to the UAMCC Web Plan for a more detailed description.
Benefits: As with any association offering, a member or potential member must assess a personal reason for joining. The UAMCC will offer a cache of direct and indirect benefits that will provide a value to its members. Evaluating and obtaining a benefit for the UAMCC membership will be determined by four components of the UAMCC benefit infrastructure:

Increase company value for all UAMCC members;
Offer cost savings programs to all UAMCC members;
Connect customers to UAMCC members;
Offer the necessary tools to UAMCC members for increased productivity within their business modality;
The UAMCC intends to meet these needs by pooling and leveraging various markets and financial resources to help UAMCC businesses survive and thrive. The strategy is to focus on these three needs, discover which one(s) is(are) holding each company back, and follow through with actionable results and recommendations.