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Carlos Gonzales
03-25-2009, 08:49 PM
Just curious and am just throwing this out there as I think it would be interesting to hear from the masses.

Of all the different topics that have been discussed and discussed and discussed some more, what is the one or two topics in our industry that we on the BBS's just kinda gloss over? You know the one where we all just acknowledge it but just move on to other topics.

Any thoughts?

John Orr
03-26-2009, 09:01 AM
Environmental compliance (the 800# gorilla in {most of} our closets). While the subject is discussed from time to time on a few bbs, I think that most of us know we should be doing something, but are hoping for a "silver bullet" that will solve the issue without costing a fortune. I think most of us would include it, if we didn't have to compete with those that don't. In spite of my aversion to regulations, if enforced, recovery could work well to our advantage.

Personally, I have spoken with our state DEQ (our version of the EPA) and as far as house washing, I'm OK. Flatwork - including driveways - is going to be the issue for most residential cleaners.

P.S. When the time comes, I would be willing to approach my City Council (one is customer, one I gave ride when his car broke-down on a blistering-hot day (now the Mayor!) and several city officials are customers of mine) with UAMCC-proposed guidelines.

DJ Carroll
03-26-2009, 09:11 AM
HaHa . . . Accounting :ban:

Terry Miller
03-26-2009, 10:13 AM
Great topic. There are many we see as being the bandit of our strength. We feel we are good contractors and know what we need to know. My self, I feel the basics are always a neglected topic source. As in "How much do I charge for..., Why do I need insurance..., What is customer service..., What can I really believe about what other contractors tell me about their business? Just a few. Thank you.

Mike Schoeben
03-26-2009, 10:20 AM
I think safety is often overlooked, environmental issues, and DOT regulations. More for sure, but those are my top three as of now.