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Carlos Gonzales
05-31-2009, 01:01 AM
I received the June edition of Cleaner Times today and I must say that I was excited to see the UAMCC name mentioned several times.

Jim, thank you for speaking about the UAMCC in your editorial. We certainly appear to be off to a good start but there is much work that still needs to be done. We are mindful of our responsibilities in the industry and your assessment about "niche industry" is dead one. We at the UAMCC appreciate what CT represents and we are looking forward to working with you and the entire staff in the upcoming months and years.

Along with the editorial by Jim, it was great to see Scott Rackley of Hogwash Cleaning on the front cover with a great article about him. Scott is a member of the UAMCC BBS. His article is a great read and for those that haven't read it, please do so. It is fulfilling to hear contractors such as Scott telling their story and how industry related events, such as the Alabama RT, gave him a boost of confidence to remain steadfast. Hats off to all that was involved in helping Scott stay motivated and confident to stay in the industry and ride it out!!

In the Industry News section there was a terrific write up about the Georgia Round Table that was held by SunBrite Supply. Pete has supported RT's and the UAMCC since we went live. For this we are thankful. UAMCC was also part of that article in the Industry News section.

It was also great to read the announcement about the UAMCC appointing Robert Hindeliter as UAMCC's Environmental Consultant.

And last but not least...the UAMCC National Convention was officially place in the Industry Calendar Section also!

All in all the UAMCC certainly received its just due and again we thank Cleaner Times for the coverage.

As Chuck would say...stay safe and hydrated :biggrin: