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Randy Borio
12-26-2009, 11:05 PM
To everyone in the Central Region...How many of you are willing to meet in the Quad Cities (Moline, IL. Davenport, Iowa) on the weekend of Feb. 20, 2010? Nothing fancy, just get together and get to know each other. Bring the wives. There are some decent things to do in the area. But there are also a couple of CASINOS. Just the place to spend all that left over 2009 profit.:headshakesmile-fast If I can get a rough head count in the next couple weeks we might be able to get a room rate deal. Anybody up for this? Give me a call, or e-mail. Anybody who is not yet a member of the U.A.M.C.C. but is a member of this BBS, and is thinking about joining up is more than welcome to come along. This would be your chance to get to know a few of the members personally. Maybe the Membership committee could send me a few registration packets ahead of time????