View Full Version : LI Contractor association securing funding.

John Tornabene
03-02-2010, 04:08 PM
This is a little bit different then the UAMCC but interesting to say the very least. This is an Association here that is mostly Construction contractors. There are 150 members in this association which is similar to here. This association I'll probably look into more to see what makes them tick because its interest me how there ED had the ability to go to the State and try to secure $220,000,000 for Long Island Funding to get his members work.

I've been saving this article for this bb for when I can come back on. My guess is that its got to be extremely expensive to be part of this assoc. but like in any other org/assoc. you have to put in to get out.

Even though the UAMCC is completely different then this because for one the UAMCC is a world wide org.(I was going to say nation but there is or was 1-2 members from Canada as UAMCC members). I'm curious to see what you guys/gals think?

Remember this is not in any way to disparage the UAMCC but just a think tank opportunity to get some other thoughts and idea's.