View Full Version : Other potential Board of Directors for the UAMCC??

John Tornabene
06-20-2010, 02:13 AM
Does anyone else want to be considered for a UAMCC Board of Director positon??

Besides David Vicars possibly throwing his name into the Hat to be considered is there anyone else out there that may have an interest to do this??

I think back when I served on the Board of the other org and the Sitting President then Doc Riesman told me he always felt it was an Honor to serve and I always had the same feeling as did some of the other BODs there. Serving is something that can be rewarding in many ways along with character building. When you serve you are helping others and to do that you may feel honored to be in that position. I know when I served in the Navy I was and always will feel honored that I served my country. Today as a Police officer I am classified as a "Public Servant" and when I can help someone lets say that was in a car accident or for any reason I feel honored that I could help them. Thats an extreme case but I'm just using that to make a point.

So if your one of those type of individuals who feel proud to serve in different capacities within different groups etc. you may want to consider also putting your name in the hat with the UAMCC when they open up there membership signings again. IF all goes well you may feel honored that you did.
I bet when Scott Millens term is up and he finishes it which I think he will he will have this same feeling. Heck I'm sure he feels like this already.

A word of reminder here. To serve on this board or any other there is at times alot of frustrations that may come along your way but if you can stay above it all and just try your best..... we would be honored to have you.

Just food for thought.