View Full Version : Thank You UAMCC Members And Future Members In Tampa

Guy Blackmon
08-01-2010, 09:08 PM
Just wanted to say "Thanks!!!" for talking with me in Tampa!!!!

Most of our Members I spoke with, are going to renew their Membership, of course there were a few that want to wait and see how the Leadership will pull together and move Our Org. forward. All I can say is "I Don't Blame You!!!!" Just Keep Your Eyes On Us!!!!!

None of the Members said flat out "NO!!!!" But they want to see how the UAMCC will benefit their Business. Again I don't blame you.

I wish we could make things go faster, but really that's one of the main reasons the former leadership failed..... Too Much, Too Fast And Not Living Up To Your Commitments........

Your BOD will not make these same mistakes!!!

But we need our Members Help!!!!!! Volunteer... We Need To Fill 2 BOD Seats & Committee Seats!!!!! We Need Your Renewal, To Keep Your Org. Moving Forward!!!!!!!!