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Randy Borio
08-29-2011, 10:49 PM
So the Pressure Washing Contractor says to the customer these fryers been in storage long? Customer: 2 years. PWC: WOW they're pretty dirty. Cust: Yeah you should have seen em before I took em to the carwash after I bought em. PWC: You got a place to dispose of the grease? Cust: Yep right over there. PWC: great (thinking he meant the restaurant across the street).
40 gallons of greasy water later as the PWC is rolling hose Boy it sure was nice of (restaurant owner) to let you dump at his place. Cust: Oh no I called one of the city workers down at my bar and he said as long as it wasn't gonna be more than 100 gallons or so just dump it down the drain behind the building where the rain gutters dump. PWC: OH *&%K. A city guy told you that? Cust: Yep works for the sewer department, he knows his stuff about $h!t. PWC: UMMMM yeah I gotta go. Cust: you sure you don't have time to stop at the bar? PWC: NO NO I don't.
Anybody else ever "overhear" a conversation like this

Randy Borio
09-02-2011, 06:40 PM
So 34 views and no comments??? I thought at 1 or 2 of you would have something smart to say about that situation. Or does no one respond to enviro horror stories????