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Dan Dykstra
04-18-2013, 11:57 AM
Roof Cleaner (http://www.yourroofcleaner.com) is now SoftWash Authorized (http://www.softwashsystems.com),the only company in West Michigan to have achieved this ranking. We areCertified Roof Cleaners thru the UAMCC; we also participate in the AskTheSealp (http://www.asktheseal.com)rogram for the protection of our customers. Roof Cleaner is also an authorizedF9 rust removal co (http://www.front9restoration.com/)mpany. Active in our local community, Board member of theG (http://grandvillejenisonchamber.com/)randville/Jenison Chamber of Commerce, (http://www.grandvillejenisonchamber.com/) member of the Rockford Chamber ofCommerc (http://rockfordmichamber.com/)e as well.

Roof Cleaner is continually looking to improve our process and systems forexterior surface cleaning for both the residential and commercial markets sothat we are able to provide state-of-art 21st century cleaning technology.

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