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  1. Spring Cleaning!

    Innovative Pressure Cleaning
    Servicing Central NJ and surrounding areas

    Although the weather has been up and down, rest assured that it is, in fact, spring!

    The temperatures have been steadily climbing, and we are excited to have our season under way. We have been working long days to ensure that everyone is getting the treatment they need and deserve. Rest assured that from the moment that you call up until our very last transaction, you will be treated and respected ...
  2. Pressure Cleaning Central NJ

    Oh, Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Gold Sun, Please Shine Down On Me!!!!

    The sun ha FINALLY come out to play, and we are hoping that he's here to stay! We are extremely thankful for this beautiful weather, and we are already hard at work!

    With this beautiful weather comes an abundance of job requests-- requests that we are more than happy to fill! However, because of the high demand for quality pressure cleaning, our books can fill up rather quickly. In fact, we typically book ...
  3. Interior Tile Cleaning

    If you have any interior cleaning that needs to be taken care of, give us a call to see how we can help you. Our specialized system not only cleans interior surfaces, but also removes the water after the job is done!

    For more information about our process, give us a call at (609)-738-3100, today!

  4. Spring Cleaning Time!

    Innovative Pressure CleaningServicing Central NJ & Surrounding AreasSPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!!Our phones are ringing and our schedule is filling! Give us a call at (609)-738-3100 to schedule your FREE estimate today so that we can get you on our Spring Cleaning Schedule before it's too late!Siding cleaning, concrete cleaning, roof cleaning, pool apron cleaning, gutter cleaning, paver cleaning and so much more!Visit us on the web at www.innovativewash.com
  5. Spring Cleaning!

    Innovative Pressure CleaningServicing Central NJ and Surrounding AreasThings are looking brighter! The snow has finally come to an end and the sun is beginning to shine-- the perfect time of year to get your exterior cleaning needs taken care of!While you're busy spring cleaning inside, let us take care of the outside! Whether you need your siding, sidewalks, roof, pool apron or the like cleaned, we have the solution for you!Give us a call at (609)-738-3100, to schedule your FREE estimate, todaywww.innovativewash.com ...
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