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  1. De-icer and Rock Salt on your Concrete: Concrete Cleaning Maryland

    Winter 2014 has been one for the record books. This year’s new term, “Polar Vortex” has been cause for de-icing sidewalk, driveways, patios and brick pavers. The one commonality in de-icing all of these surfaces is the use of ice melts and rock salts.

    Even if you do not use either of these products to de-ice your drive ways and walk ways, many public areas are treated this way. After driving around on those treated surfaces, guess where we park our cars and or walk? You guessed it, ...

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  2. Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC

    Soft Roof Wash Raleigh,NC

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    Roofs are one of the most vulnerable structures of homes. They stand exposed to different weather conditions like incessant rains, sweltering heat, and frigid cold. Their constant exposure to these natural elements can damage them. Colonies of algae, lichens, mold, and other fungi can form on roofs, discoloring and weakening them. Gutters on roofs can become clogged from accumulation of debris such as twigs or weeds. ...
  3. Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning in Maryland

    There are many options when cleaning your home’s exterior. Klean Kings Pressure Washing is the National Capital Regions Premier Pressure washing & roof cleaning company.

    One of the most efficient options is pressure washing. Pressure washing when done properly can safely remove dirt, grime, mold, and mildew form your home’s exterior.

    We are knowledgeable and capable of cleaning and maintaining vinyl siding/brick/stucco, sidewalks, decks, porches and patios.

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