• FREE FREE Power Wash Store Circuit Training Event Milwaukee WI May 20th & 21st 2015

    Midwest Cleaning Event

    7th Annual Show Tony Evans

    Circuit Training Day May 20th

    This Station Training will be each 30 minutes with a 15 Q&A

    Brick Restorations: Arron Richie (UAMCC Member)

    Window Restoration: David Carrol (UAMCC Associate)

    Window Systems: Tony Evans (Committee Chairman)

    Safety Training: Andrew Snyder (Board of Director)

    Hard Surface Restorations: Carlos Gonzales & Craig Harrison (UAMCC Associates)

    Fleet-washing: Mike Wooly (UAMCC Associates)

    Building Washing: Doug Rucker (UAMCC VP)

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning: Paul Scneider (Board of Director)

    Interior Cleaning & Recovery: Paul Kassander & Ron Musgraves (UAMCC Associates & President)

    Classroom Day May 21st

    This Day 40 minutes Classroom Training with a 15 Q&A

    Safety Awareness: Andrew Snyder ( Board Of Director)

    Un-solicited Proposals: Ron Musgraves ( President)

    How to set Up Processes: Scott Stone (UAMCC Member)

    Service & Repair: Paul Kassander (UAMCC Associate)

    Wash Water Control Enviro: Jerry McMillen (UAMCC Associate)

    Property Management Sales: Chris Apple (Board Of Director)

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    1. Tony Evans's Avatar
      Tony Evans -
      The Midwest event is joining forces with Power Wash Store this year. Should be the best training event yet.
    1. Tiffany Shaye's Avatar
      Tiffany Shaye -
      Register now !!
    1. Ron Musgraves's Avatar
      Ron Musgraves -
      Attachment 5847

      On my way

      Ron Musgraves
      "Sidewalk cleaning"
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