• Press Release: Official Launch of the UAMCC’s Wash With Us Campaign

    Official Launch of the UAMCC’s Wash With Us Campaign
    Buford, GA
    March 16, 2015

    On April 20th 2015, the UAMCC will officially launch its “Wash With Us” campaign in Atlantic City New Jersey. “Wash With Us” is a nationwide, charity cleaning campaign supported by the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contact Cleaners) and its members.

    In Atlantic City, New Jersey, UAMCC contactors from across the country will participate in the cleaning of some properties in the downtown area of the city. In conjunction with local government, the UAMCC and its members, the “Wash With Us” campaign will bring together contractors and community members in an effort to clean up some local properties.

    As part of the “Wash With Us” campaign, UAMCC members will volunteer their time, materials and equipment will to complete the proposed cleaning projects at no cost to the owners. In the near future, there will be additional cleaning projects completed in various parts of the country under the same charity cleaning campaign, “Wash With Us.” These future-cleaning projects will be in conjunction with UAMCC educational and networking events that are held across the country.
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