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Spring to-do list!

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Finally, the long winter chill has begun to subside, which means it’s time to dedicate some time putting a plan in place to tackle that dreaded spring “to-do” list. We use the term dreaded lightly, most homeowners, building, and property managers enjoy giving their property the attention it has been missing. They take pride in showcasing their properties.

For the homeowner, this shows how proud you are of your investment, and you want to showcase it in the best manner possible. The property/building manager benefits in so many ways, to begin to list them would be a separate blog in itself. (light bulb!)

This is what the typical spring “to-do” list looks like:

Cleaning the garage
Fix leaky faucets
Replace smoke detector batteries

You get the picture right? Well what about pressure washing? Just like your car needs washing to keep the paint looking fresh and new, so does your home, office or building. Stand back, this is about to get good!

Klean Kings Pressure Washing & Wood Restoration, LLC is Baltimore areas premiere pressure cleaning companies. Exterior detailing is our specialty; our trained and certified staff can safely clean just about anything.

-Entrance ways
-Pool Decks/Tennis/Basketball Courts
-Dumpster Pads
-Roof cleaning (Removes those unsightly black streaks caused by mold)
-Exterior building surfaces (Vinyl Siding, Brick, Stucco)
-(NEW) Rust Removal

Our mission is to assist you in protecting your homes/properties from contaminants such as mold, mildew, dirt, grime, and algae, while boosting home value and curb-appeal.

Call us today to schedule service. We can’t wait to have you call us back or refer us to a friend, partner or associate. We can’t wait to “Exceed your Expectations”.

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