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Please!!!! Vote

Randy Borio

New member
Ok We (Laurie & I) are having a tough time deciding which design to choose from the 2 shown here. All we would like is some outside opinions on them. I have already told the sign guy to add the phone number to the side of the truck. I have also been told one of the designs looks like a"circus wagon", not that that was a bad thing......????
Oh and Rob and Carlos, I got that membership thing fixed, Pay Pal was more than happy to take my payment once I did everything the right way.


Jeff LeCours

New member
I think #2 because most customers will call your company Panther so the Panther Name is big in #2. It stand out good in #2

Unique name, I like it. Where did you come up with the name

Rob Huffman

New member
Good deal man. Glad it worked out. And congrats on being a member!!! :clap:

I like the #2 truck as well...

Randy Borio

New member
Hey guys thanks for the votes. I was leaning towards #2 anyway. I sent an e-mail to the sign shop to switch the lettering colors around, we'll see how those look. Jeff the name came from the school mascot here in my county. We are the smallest of all the 102 counties in Illinois. Quick geography lesson, we are 60 to 90 miles from most major cities in the northern half of the state so it's really a great area to be from. As far as the Outdoor Maintenance part, there is a guy that I know who mows lawns and we bring both operations together under one "roof". BTW Gene whats up with the MADness?


John Orr

UAMCC Treasurer
#1 looks like an ad for Jaguar. #2 looks fine, though I should mention that you need to check on whether using the name and/or logo of the school is Kosher. It may not be legal.

Randy Borio

New member
The logo being used is a clip art logo from the sign shop so I don't see to much of a problem. But thanks for the heads up.