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Thread: Free L & H Event December 6th 7th Savannah GA Networking / Sales / Marketing / Education / Training

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    Default Free L & H Event December 6th 7th Savannah GA Networking / Sales / Marketing / Education / Training

    Event Location:
    L & H Industrial Services
    3722 Old Louisville Rd
    Garden City, Georgia 31408

    Date: December 6th-7th, 2016
    10AM – 4PM

    Embassy Suites
    145 Mulberry Blvd
    Savannah, Ga 31407

    Holiday Inn & Suites
    103 SAN Drive
    Pooler Ga 31322

    Ground Transportation Information

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    December 5th 2016
    4:00pm-Social: Embassy Suites Lounge
    145 Mulberry Blvd
    Savannah, Ga 31407
    December 6th 2016
    9:30am: Andrew Snyder: "Success and Profit through Bidding and Management & Waterfed Poles"
    11:00am: Ramon Burke: Safety on the Job Site
    12:00 pm: Lunch
    Demonstrations "Hands on"
    2:30 pm: Pat Clark: How to Finish the Year Strong
    LeiLani Chostner: Unsolicited Bidding Local Advertising

    6:00pm-Social: TBA
    7:00PM: Ramon Burke: Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (Baldino's Subs,
    1022 East Hwy. 80 Pooler, GA 31322) (912)748-7827

    December 7th 2016
    9:30am:Jon Welker: "Waterfed Poles & Bilding Systems"
    11:00am: Ramon Burke: Bidding Large Government Contracts
    12:00 pm: Lunch
    1:00pm-2:00pm: Demonstrations "Hands on"
    2:30 pm:
    Jeremy Dent: Social Media Marketing
    Special Guest TBA

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    Jon Welker:
    Jon is the owner/ operator of Agent Clean of Missouri With well over 20 years of experience in the exterior cleaning business, Jon’s extensive knowledge is invaluable to the present and future of Agent Clean. Not only was Jon an early adopter of the revolutionary pressure specific softwashing concept, his expertise in using the time-tested methods of traditional pressure washing, roof cleaning and window washing is unsurpassed. In addition, Jon contributes best practices in more specialized services like holiday lighting, wood restoration and concrete sealing. Beyond the technical side of the business, Jon has a passion for system and logistics development, all of which will play a role in the future development of Agent Clean. Come learn Jon’s techniques at the Free UAMCC National Convention.

    Andrew Snyder:

    Born into a family of window cleaners, Andrew had a squeegee in his hand the moment he turned 13. From that point on, Andrew’s father would teach him everything he needed to know about running a successful window cleaning business. In 1992 he founded Quad City Window Cleaning located in Moline IL. Years into running his own Quad City Window Cleaning business, Andrew met Jon Welker at an industry seminar. After much research and endless meetings, the pair decided to join forces and combine their 40 years of experience and knowledge to co-found Agent Clean and Agent Clean University. Together their teams, the two continue to provide window cleaning, power washing, roof cleaning, mold removel, and more to residential and commercial customers alike.

    Pat Clark:

    In 2011, Pat & Shielagh Clark came to this very convention searching for independent finacial freedom, which is what so many are dreaming of these days. They longed to own their own business one day, and to build a future for themselves and their family. Pat knew that by listening to the success of others, and developing mentorship and networking, his dream of owning a successful business would become a reality. From the hard work from his own back, he is now a multiple unit company. Precision Pro Wash specializes in the soft wash process in the Greenville and Charlotte, NC region. He is pressing numbers to ensure all his dreams will come to fruition. Come see Pat explain the path he took and how important getting the right advice made things happen for him today at our Free National Convention.

    Leilani Chostner:

    LeiLani Chostner is the Director of Marketing for UAMCC and has over ten years of industry sales experience with unsolicited bidding. She is responsible for helping promote contractors to their customers through the UAMCC, social media, and SEO. She has oversight of several UAMCC programs and has strengthened this organization in countless ways. While many contractors respond to requests from potential customers for project bids, Leilani has specialized expertise in UNSOLICITED BIDDING. You will not want to miss the great insight that she shares with hundreds of contractors to create business from scratch.

    Jeremy Dent:

    Jeremy Dent is the owner of Rent A Dent Pro Wash. His company originally started as a handyman company but soon transformed into a full time exterior cleaning business after attending a UAMCC event in Orlando back in 2014. Jeremy has stated: “The UAMCC has provided me with the proper training and tools to advance my company to a level I never imagined. I’m very blessed to be able to be a voice that helps others travel the same successful path as I have.” Come see Jeremy teach what he has learned at the UAMCC National Convention Charlotte 2016

    Ramon Burke:

    They say necessity is the mother of invention and necessity invented Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning. As a former real estate developer, Ray was wiped out during the 2008 crash. Armed with a few hundred dollars, a pool pump, and a Home Depot pressure washer, Spray Wash was created as a basic way to put food on the table and feed his family. As the company has grown from its very humble beginnings, Spray Wash has become a family affair with the addition of Tonya Burke, Ray’s wife and partner. Now a multi-crew “round the clock” operation, Spray Wash is north Florida’s premier exterior cleaning company.
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