Hello all,
I’m new here and I had a few questions. I orderd and received a new PS 6036KG unit a few weeks ago. The folks at BCE Hydromax were very helpful in answering my emails that had a lot of questions. The specs I was provided were:

  • 140 degree temp rise
  • 248 degree max temp
  • it was wet steam capable (sold me a steam tip)
  • 6 gpm GP TS2021 pump at 3500 psi

I had some issues and questions.However, I received less than satisfactory answers.

  • My unit never went past a 100 degree temp increase with inlet water at between 75 and 130 degrees
  • when I got a poor response from BCE, I contacted General Pump directly…they informed me that the TS2021pump valves could not put out more than 5.6 gpm… BCE told me they used an “alternate spec” for their web listing (don’t know what an alternate spec is-has anyone heard of it?) this unit has a Beckett ADC model burner
  • of course, at a 100 degree rise, there was no steam

I also had 2 (of 4) no-flat tires that were flat. No action by BCE. They did not respond to email even for a request for how to lift unit off pallet as there were no connection points. I assumed, wrongly, that there would be an eye on topic the burner. Not that big a deal but why no response.
When I finally got an email, there answer was that there was nothing wrong.
Most of the forum threads indicate they have great after sale service. Not forms.
Any help out there?