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    I sadly regret that I had to accept Jamie Schmidt’s resignation today. With this being his 2nd resignation in a short amount of time, I decided to go ahead and accept this 2nd resignation. I want the membership to know I did not swiftly accept his resignation this time. I gave him and the entire board time for reflection on the events. I sadly say that this delay was probably a mistake as the last 48 hours, as the membership has seen, has been stressful not only on the board but has created a lot of drama within the membership. I hope that we can get back to what we’ve been doing, I hope that Jamie can stay a part of the organization if he chooses, but if not, I still wish him well.

    Kristy White
    UAMCC President

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    Kristy White
    UAMCC President
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    Kristi, Please reconsider ...

    If Jamie has not given a formal resignation how can one be accepted... IF you intend on removing him please (per the Bylaws) take it to the Membership for a vote per the attached ByLaw excerpt taken from the Official UAMCC website.
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    Kristi I ask that you submit a formal reply to this thread no later than Tuesday 12/11/2018 of your decision for Jamie Schmidt's reinstatement as UAMCC Treasurer.

    Thank you

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    But where did Jamie ever Resign the second time. I dont believe that he did Kristy. Do my question is how can one accept a resignation when the resignation was never there

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