UAMCC Meeting Minutes Call to order- Alex Hennessy called to order the Board of Director's Meeting of the UAMCC on: 6/11/18 at 1:37 PM EST time.

Roll Call:
Director: Alex Hennessey - Here
George Clarke – Here
Kristy White - Here
Tony Evans - Here
Rick Atkins - Absent
William Davis - Here
Jamie Schmidt - Here
Charles Daniels - Here
Jeff Price - Here
George Erskin - Here

Approval of minutes from last meeting: on 6/7/2018 Motion: Jamie Schmidt Second: Tony Evans Unanimous vote yes

1) National Convention Budget of 30,000 - Jamie Schmidt Motion to Approve a budget for the national convention in October of 2018 for 30,000. Kristy White Second. Majority vote yes. Budget is approved
2) A former associate member has sent a settlement to clear all debts owed - Jamie Schmidt motion to accept the settlement from the former associate to clear all debts. Kristy White Second. Unanimous vote yes to accept the settlement offer.
3) Jamie Schmidt removed the motion to re-ratify the minutes since the budget has already been approved. Jeff Price Second.

End Meeting- Motion: Kristy White Second: William Davis Date: 6/11/18 at 2:11 PM EST.