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    I recently was fortunate enough to land my 1st commercial account. Its a Chevy dealership who is looking to have their used car lot cleaned on a weekly basis. Minimum or 75 cars a week. This includes exterior washing & drying of all vehicles and adding tire dressing. What would be a good amount to charge per vehicle and is there any advice on how or what you would do. IE: set-up, chemicals, tools.

    Thanks fellas..
    Hugo Hugasian
    On Point Power Wash
    Veteran Owned & Operated

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    I would really think hard if you really want to wash cars. You will need ro/di filters and some shammies and that is alot of tire dressing. I would be no less than 4 bucks a car. And if they say thats too much then i would move on and tell them thanks flr the opportunity but pass.

    Michael DeRose
    Diamond Roof Cleaning

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    Im following this post. Did you ever come up with a price. Congrats btw
    Connor Thornton
    Pressuer Washing Jackonville Fl

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