So I'm using a 4 GPM machine right now and just hook it up directly to the customers water supply. I really want to upgrade and get a 8 GPM machine. They only thing holding me back is the buffer tank. I understand you would feed the buffer tank with the customers water supply, and hook the buffer tank up to supply your machine.

What Im having trouble understanding is how the buffer tank doesnt run out of water? If a customers water supply is 5 GPM, you would still be pulling an extra 3 GPM from the tank every minute your working if you had a 8GPM machine. I've read about guys getting away with a 65 galloon buffer tank. To me the math doesnt add up. It would seem you need a 200 galloon plus buffer tank, and at that you would have to have the tank damn near full before you started working. I feel like I'm missing something here.

Can someone please help me understand this.

-Kyle Keller
New Jersey