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Thread: Official Request From the Membership Committee to the BoD

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Davis View Post
    Mrs President,

    Per the below request from Membership Committee Chair we ask for your official answer...
    She has been in contact with the membership chair!

    Why iím answering you because the meeting happened in my kitchen.

    Letís allow the Chairman to do his job.

    Ron Just another contributing member tired of you and the destruction a few are trying to cause.

    second After i see the CPA about the franchise fee thereís really no information other than Tax exempt is still in full order , fed and state !

    if Mr smith wants a meeting with the CPA i can arrange. Why ??? because iím the largest volunteer in the industry!

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    Default Re: Official Request From the Membership Committee to the BoD

    Why are you answering?

    She is the President and last I heard she supposedly ran things (but we really do know the truth now since you ARE answering don't we)... And because the meeting happened in "your" Kitchen doesn't give you any special privileges - especially per the Bylaws that you so readily choose to manipulate at your leisure. Chairman can not due his job since YOU reduced that committee to a cheerleading section, just like you have done to the BOD, Election Committee, Bylaw Committee and any other committee that gives Membership a voice.

    And there you go with another lie, Tax exempt status will not change until California changes it. Submitting it late just shows the Leadership's incompetence on issues that truly matter and had I known it was not completed, while in Office, I would have demanded it be done... You, the CPA, EA and President who were and in charge of this kept it away from the BOD and put us ALL AT RISK now AND in the future (should the org ever get suited or audited) - worst part you don't CARE. How could you do this to us? You sir are playing games with people's lives. You throw every last one of us under the bus when the crap hits the fan claiming you are just a Member - your full of it RON MUSGRAVES!!!! And to insinuate that "I" knew anything about this tax status or set this up is utterly preposterous.

    What's really scary Mr Musgrave's is that you have twisted the minds of GOOD people and made them your minions... there is no other way to describe it. It's as if you have a Satanic cult and have indoctrinated anyone that will listen to your folly. You know what though, because I am a devout Christian I forgive you - Vengeance is not mine. But know sir that one day you may be in the hospital again and that friend that you called on, the one who left his family at 11pm and drove almost an hour one way to bring you food, took you to get medicine, and made sure you got back to your room safely - a TRUE FRIEND - is NO MORE... May your soul rest in peace sir.

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    The state says it was filed in July.

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    FTP Suspension means failure to pay tax.

    UAMCC is tax exempt. It owes no tax.

    If the Federal Government has made a mistake, and does not report the UAMCC as Federally exempt, California assumes they are NOT exempt.

    It is easy to see from the BOD minutes, that the IRS made a mistake last year that took months to correct. During that time they would have shown as taxable to California. Here are the BOD minutes showing the months it took to get it corrected

    Now that the Federal error is corrected, California may take months to reverse their error, if this is the cause.

    It is evident from the minutes that every effort to make sure the org is recorded properly was being made.

    On the other hand, the UAMCC may not be suspended at all. Here is the list of exempt orgs and their status - It was last updated month and a half ago. Click on the corresponding alphabetical section for U and download the file:

    If you don't want to download the file, here is what it says for the UAMCC:

    You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves for using this as an attack against the UAMCC. You've got a good case complaining about responses from the BOD. But this is nothing more than taking an opportunity to smear volunteers and low paid help before even giving them the time to get it sorted out.

    Here is the last due federal income tax filing:

    As you can see, the only person on payroll was Alex, who got 30k for all the work and responsibility he had. Yet he still made sure the state filing was done as shown in the previous post.

    This is shameful. If one of your competitors were listed as suspended, after 10 years of being in business, would you attack him like this? What if it was your father. Or your mother's business? I'm shocked at some of you.

    If you want to criticize the BOD for failing to act or communicate, have at it. But, I'd be afraid to attack someone on an issue like this. God has a way of turning the tables. Next thing you know it might be you suffering for a simple mistake of your own, or someone else's mistake you had no control over.

    Thus far there is no irreparable damage done.
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