UAMCC Meeting Minutes Call to order at 1:05pm EST on 3/28/19

Roll Call:

Kristy White – Present
Tony Evans – Present
Charles Daniels – Present
George Erskin – Present
Rick Atkins – Absent
David White – Absent Excused
John Mickelson – Present
Veronica Artis - Present

Financial Report:
Operating Fund: $3432.63
Education Fund: $8765.33
Payroll: $2000.00
Total: $14197.96

Approval of minutes from last meeting: Houston face to face on 2/18/19
Motion to approve minutes: Charles Daniels
Second: George Erskin
Vote: Passed


  1. Nominations starting
  2. Contributing Member Plus category is a work in progress at this time
  3. Buyers group update – getting ready to launch portals soon.
  4. Potential membership meeting in July in San Antonio – details TBA
  5. Kristy White appoints Tony Evans to be acting President with full authority during a transition period
  6. Acting President laid out his goals to improve certification, move education into a new phase, and encourage more regional activity for environmental, safety, and educational events
  7. Rick Atkins seat is considered vacated due to repeated unexcused absences from BOD meetings per Article IV Section 7 of the bylaws

    Adjournment of Meeting
    Motion: Charles Daniels

Second: John Mickelson
Date: 3/28/19 at 1:28pm EST