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Thread: How to bid 2 story roofs....

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    It is really bad here in Tampa with either inexperienced people bidding roof cleaning jobs, or just outright cheap workers ?
    Here is how they will often do it. They will just take the houses sq footage, and not the roofs, or the garage, and times it by whatever floats their boat at the time. I have seen 2500 sq ft houses done for 250.00 that had 3 car garages, and large hip roofs.
    Either some of the roof cleaners in Tampa don't know what they are doing bidding jobs, or they are running low or out of beer/drugs ? All it takes to ruin a whole subdivision forever is for a few neighbors to get done for a stupid low price.
    Then when people who know what they are doing bid the normal 375.00 for a job like this, all people can remember is Joe and Bill got theirs done for 250.00.
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    Good Info on Bidding a 2 story roof

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