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    Is there somewhere I can go online to learn more about hardwoods and the different species. I feel like I understand the oiling process. Is that the same about hardwoods across the board? What about stripping using powersolve?

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    Boy Don its post like yours that make Thads day

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    Yeah, there are tons of threads on The Grime Scene on various hardwoods..... ;)

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    Don, the process is the same for hardwoods such as ipe, garapa, mahogany and all the various species. What give the hardwoods their color is their high level of natural sugar and oils. If you do a two step cleaning process, which I highly recommend, the deck is going to look a little washed out because you are removing those resins. When you oil the deck, your staining product will basically fill in the void and the color will come back.

    If your project is only gray or has little to no stain on it, cut the Powersolve 50/50. There is also no need to go hardcore on the acid. Mix it strong (10 oz per gallon) and downstream it.
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    Who's Doing Wood here?

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