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    To make sure that the Transition Team is not stepping out of our league, we have retained Robert Hinderliter as a consultant to assist the UAMCC membership base relating to environmental topics affecting the pressure washing contractor. Robert has been in this industry for over 30 years. He is also the most active "lobbyist" in the arena of BMP's and the Clean Water Act. That is not to say he is the sole voice, but he absolutely carries the credentials and qualifications to be the UAMCC consultant. The UAMCC has adapted the Fort Worth Texas BMP as a guideline for the municipalities with which we will interact in the immediate future.

    The UAMCC Transition Team has had a 'hands on' approach relating to how Robert will be utilized within the structure of the UAMCC. Our end goal is to ensure that the less intrusive BMP's (Ft. Worth) be adpoted by all municipalities. Our message has been clear in which the UAMCC does not want to adopt or endorse BMP's that puts the contractor in a unfair position.

    Please welcome Robert to the UAMCC family. The below announcement will be sent to Cleaner Times for publication.

    UAMCC appoints

    Robert M. Hinderliter, Environmental Consultant

    Carlos Gonzales - Transition Team Leader of United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners ( announces the appointment of Robert M. Hinderliter as the Environmental Consultant of UAMCC. Robertís primary responsible has been to develop and implement an Environmental Policy for UAMCC that is good for the Municipality, good for the Contract Cleaners, and good for the Environment. The UAMCC and Robert will be working closely to ensure that regional and local BMP's adopt and implement the Ft. Worth BMP's.
    [B]Carlos Gonzales[/B]
    [B]New Look Power Wash
    [URL=""]Pressure Wash in California[/URL][/B]
    [URL=""][B]California Pressure Washing Blog[/B][/URL]
    [B][URL=""]Pressure Wash Services in San Francisco[/URL][/B]

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    Good move.
    Doug Dahlke
    Square One Enterprises
    Newnan, Georgia

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    Definitely adds immediate credibility. Welcome Mr. CWA
    Mike Schoeben
    Serving the Twin Cities Metro area since 2000
    763-300-7128 / Champlin, MN

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    Welcome Robert. Thanks for helping out

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    This is truly Roberts specialty. Its great to have the best on board.

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    Yeah good move you don't want to go to Charlotte without having back-up!!!
    Mike Cooke
    Palmetto Power Cleaning LLC
    Myrtle Beach SC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Cooke View Post
    Yeah good move you don't want to go to Charlotte without having back-up!!!
    You going Mike?

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