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Thread: EPA dose a surprise visit....

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    Default EPA dose a surprise visit....

    As most of you may know, I have been compliant here in California for the last 16 years. I have seen companies get little filters to do a garage, only to get fined and out of business because their filter was more for show than functionability for the job at hand.

    This last weekend it was our turn for a surprise visit at 3 am. They came unannounced and in plan clothes in a unmarked personal vehicle. They took several of samples. ( Pre treatment, during treatment at two locations on the filter, and the treated Class II waste).

    They tested for the following:

    PH balance,
    Heavy metals
    Plus 130 more elements

    We past, however the total test cost for the lab work was $1,000 more or less. Bill to come next month.

    Though this was our first visit that we had in the last 3 years, I find that they are becoming more frequent, I am told that the fines alone this past year was in the 190k for one county alone. This is added monies that the Gov needs desperately, so beware.

    It is not a problem for us, in fact we welcome it since we know the routine so well. I was told by the EPA that as far as permits go, we hold 78% of all the garage cleaning permits in N. California and out of the 100% of the permits ever issued for garage cleaning since 1992, we are the only ones who have not been written up or fined as far as they can tell.

    I also was advised that we maybe the first company in all of California to reclaim the class II waste for Parking Garage Cleaning for proper discharge according to those same permit records.

    ( 1992 was when we built our 24 ft filtration unit for a cost of $72,000. Since no finance company would loan us the money to make it, we had to pay cash. The specs are 40 GPM's and require a generator of 15,000 watts to drive the (4) 2.5 to 3.0 hp pumps. It is a 240 volt system and requires the whole 15kw Kubota Diesel 4 Cyl 2.2 litter generator to run it). Unit weighs in at 9,235 lbs or so. To build it today, we are estimating 90 to 100k.

    Take a look at the picture below on the right. You will see that we have several dikes / dams. This also has an 8 inch oil collective sock. what you don't see is the other 4 dam system including our water filled 8 inch thick rubber dike. It is not that lite blue dike. This is made for us by a hose company and weighs a ton. 25 ft weighs in at 90-100 lbs. with no water. Note that we have not started yet. This was just a pre set up photo that we submit with our report that is required in the permit process.
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    Default Re: EPA dose a surprise visit....

    You are the man, congratulations on the job well done.
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    Default Re: EPA dose a surprise visit....

    Way to stay on top Jim. I still owe you that phone call. Your equipment is definately above par...

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    Just a note here guys....

    There are allot of filters out there and most are above par. But one thing that everyone should realize.

    Equipment is usually made for a specific purpose. Thats why there are so many makes and models. Not 1 machine is good for every situation.

    I also use this analogy.

    Someone has a Mercedes 500SL and another has a mountain bike. Both will get you down the road The Mercedes will get you there faster and hopefully a better ride. However the mountain bike will get you there, just at a slower pace.

    On the other hand, you are on a trail in the woods... The bike will get you down the trail, the mercedes.... well YOUR STUCK.

    When looking for a filter, you must look at the job at hand and the jobs you want to achieve in the future. If you are doing a Parking Garage for example... I would not get a Ice box size of a filter to filter it. You need room for all the sludge. we usually get up to 1,000 gallons. If your are getting less than 1,000 Gallons, then the garage was not as dirty as you thought or you did not pull up as much oil from the cement.

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    Default Re: EPA dose a surprise visit....

    So am I reading this properly, are going to be billed $1,000.00?

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    Yes. The price for doing business in Parking Garage Cleaning.

    We have to pay for any lab work done that was collected from the job site. It is in the permit that you sign and agree to here in California.

    And thats not just for California. Other states will follow. States, if they are smart enough, will always find ways to follow the money.

    But in this case, the state is not charging me. It is the independent lab that I get to choose from the list of 20 or so labs. Just so happens the lab never has a sale.
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    If I am not mistaken...that garage is in the city with the initials I right Jim...Coco County?
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    Default Re: EPA dose a surprise visit....

    Aint the government great? I think cops should follow the same line. Charge EVERYONE they point their radar gun at 50 bucks, doesnt mater you werent speeding.

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    I guess its a good thing we just clean a ton of sidewalks and buildings. They dont get that dirty, I hate gas stations as well, too much oil and grease for our taste. We used to do a bunch before we found our home in shopping centers and building washes.

    woo hoo Shopping centers and buildings rule!

    Hey Jim, before you were able to get the best of the best how did you manage?

    I am sure these guys would love to hear how you did it before you learned so much and had so much .... you know what did you do when you were a crumb snatcher like the rest of us.

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    Default Re: EPA dose a surprise visit....

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
    If I am not mistaken...that garage is in the city with the initials I right Jim...Coco County?
    I am going to have to watch you, ain't I Carlos

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