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Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?
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Thread: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

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    Default Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    Just throwing this out there to you all but wanted to see at first blush what the pros and cons to any type of online certification is?

    This is a General Discussion!!
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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    I am not sure what online Certification exactly is. If it is gaining Certification through online training and testing, I believe it could be part of an actual Certification. I also believe the actual training, testing, etc. should be done by qualified individuals. Not necessarily individuals who have years of experience or a profitable business. The Accreditation I hold presently is actually done through individuals who are not even in my work field. They are educators and business people. Some are skilled craftsman and all are trained in the field of training and or business. After all, we are looking for an education more then a piece of paper that says we know something. Too many folks sell Certification for profit. Unfortunatly the only winners are the seller. I also like hands on training. This could be done at a UAMCC sponsored event or convention. I hope I'm not way out in my thoughts. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    It obviously lacks credibility all the way around.

    If I stay up until 2 AM, I can get accredited for anything I want on TV.
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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    Terry good answer. I don't see a problem with doing online certifications if its done right. It all how you market most of this stuff anyway. Maybe you can have an initial class with a certification test afterwords and then a few years later those people for a cost may be able to renew there certification thru an online process.

    There is so many different ways to look at this.

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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    This is where I think WRAPI hit it on the head. I'm not a big fan of the whole certification thing but if I were to participate I'd like to see a two part program. Online testing and printed manuals could be one phase but field work is where its at. WRAPI was going to be set up with wood working masters. These masters would then mentor and test people from their region. The effect becomes like a pyramid or hierarchy and the training spreads mwithout everyone have to travel to coporate headquarters to spend a week somewhere.
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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    I think an option of Classroom and Online study courses with practical application in the science of cleaning and use of proper chemicals would be nice.

    Also, I think when the person passes all the class room (on-line) study there should be a week of in field training to apply all that was learned, sort of like an applied science. What is the use of the knowledge without the appl;ication of it. What is the point of application left to yourself. There would still be a learning curve with all the info from an on-line certification in of itself.

    So in essence there needs to be head knowledge and back application.
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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    I dont think certifiers should train nor trainers certify.

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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    Certification only makes money for the folks who conduct the certification. How many customers actually check out anyone's certification in any field?

    The biggest problem I see is who exactly is the "authority" in our respective fields? Who's the best roof cleaner, deck refinisher, pressure washer, or vent hood cleaner? Who's to say? Why would I throw away good money to get certified for something I already know how to do?

    Like Don said, lacks credibility all the way around.
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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    I hold an FAA Airframe & Powerplant certificate and an FCC General Radiotelephone Operators certificate. They are both very credible, as a mater of fact you cannot work on those respective systems without them. So it depends on the credibility of the certificate issuer. Again the issuer should not also be the trainer.

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    Default Re: Online Certification ~ Pro's and Con's?

    Mike, that has always been the problem with certification. I feel qualified to train guys in wood restoration using the right chems and low pressure. There is a guy in Texas that performs outstanding deck work and he uses high pressure and bleach and cheap stain. What benefit would he get from me ramming my technique down his throat?

    With that being said, certification is primarily for new guys or for those looking for a piece of paper they can market to customers. Look how long hood certification has been around and to this day, that industry still fights over it.

    I think the power washing industry is looking for a set of standards but I cannot see any washing standards being adapted that wouldn't conflict. The only certification that a customer would really appreciate is being "business" certified. (ie all licensing and insurance in place). I used to flash my Wolman certification and 8 out of 10 people would say "what's a Wolman?"

    I think there is so much other stuff the UAMCC (just my contractor opinion) could work on that would better the industry from the top down versus opening the certification can or worms.
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