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    Heres the story,

    I drove 1.5 hours north to get some tanks from John D. on Friday night. As I was following him to where he has them stored I blew a spark plug in my f-250 (second one in two months ).

    John came back, set me up with a mechanic, a motel and drove me back and forth on Friday and Saturday.

    John I cant thank you enough for the help
    JC Power Wash & Soft Wash LLC
    Jim Chesmore

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    John is great a guy. What he did doesn't surprise me.

    That's why when he hit rough patch a while back, I knew he would bounce back.

    Good things happen to good people.

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    I second what David said.. Haven't met John face to face yet but the actions that Jim just described tell me all I need to know.
    Ken Fenner
    PressurePros, Inc
    House Washing
    Pressure Washing Companies

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    You are welcome Jim, and you all would have done the same thing.
    John Doherty
    Garden State Mobile Wash, LLC

    Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing Companies Offering Cleaning
    of Roofs and House Washing Services.

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