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EPA's Model Ordinance BMP's
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Thread: EPA's Model Ordinance BMP's

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    Default EPA's Model Ordinance BMP's

    Much has been discussed about the CWA in the pressure washing industry over the last several years. I am sure that more discussions will continue around this particular subject for many more years.

    As contractors we have often glossed over this subject with the ideaology that it just doesn't apply to me. For myself, I just never really understood what all those words really meant that I read in the CWA. AS I said in Charlotte I think what we all are looking for is for someone to just tells us in plain english what we needed to do to be in compliance.

    The enclosed doc is a start. Please read it. Please ask questions. Please get the answers to your questions.

    The UAMCC has "tip toed" around this subject matter for the last 16 months. Ideally I did not want to address the CWA until the first slate of BOD's were in place and the 2010 goals and objectives were ratified by them. One of the goals and objectives that I would like to suggest for the UAMCC in 2010 is to take a very serious and hard look at the CWA. Lets explore what it means and how it affects all of us in the industry.

    Understanding the CWA and certification are as different as night and day. So please do not use this thread as an opportunity to comingle the two as some conviently try to do. This is about understanding the merits of the CWA. Period. That is the first step that must be mastered. We as contractors have a responsibility in every way to become familiar with what the enclosed BMP's mean and understand the implications surrounding them.

    The enclosed document list the EPA's Model Ordinance BMP's for Cosmetic Cleaning. As mentioned, please read them...review them....and ask questions. This will be one way that you, the contractor, can fully appreciate and understand the gravity of environmental issues.

    Thank you!
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    Default Re: EPA's Model Ordinance BMP's

    I know that document is a Texas BMP only. Am I reading that wrong, or does it say down in the spreadsheet that hot water/no chems can go straight down the storm sewer? That takes care of 90% of all concrete runoff.

    Another 5% can be taken care of with by making dams/evaporation/redirection.

    Why the big scare about everybody having to buy reclaim to comply?

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