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Thread: Burger King cleaning

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    Default Burger King cleaning

    Got a chance to bid on some Burger Kings, franchiced owned. I'm talking to them about every 3 months, drive-thru, sidewalks and dumpster area and parking lot maybe twice a year.I have the set up to do 3 to 4 a night, anyone currently doing this type of flat work or have some useful tips. Thanks Joe Burke

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    Default Re: Burger King cleaning

    90 days Sidewalks, drivethru & dumpster. 375 to 425

    Keep in mind the intial could be 425 to 1200 depending on how nasty they are.

    Asphalt I charge by the hour, Asphalt condition has a huge factor.

    Franchise owners are usally very cheap and do not want to spend the money to do it right.

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    It takes a long time to clean up three months worth of grunge at a fast food restaurant. We don't have any less than monthly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyshelton View Post
    It takes a long time to clean up three months worth of grunge at a fast food restaurant. We don't have any less than monthly.

    I have them both ways, people dont really save money by doing them less. Here and example of a unit we lost to 90 day cleaning.

    Health Safety and liability.....

    I was called to do the one next door because someone fell.

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    Joe, if they are really bad/dirty...try a one time clean up at a higher price and then hit them on a regular pricing cycle on you maintenance.

    The Chevy's Fresh Mex restaraunts (Ron - you have those in AZ?) that I did were all on a 30 day rotation.

    If you can...try to get them on a 30 or 45 day cycle....just my .02

    See you in a couple of weeks Joe
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    Joe, hows it been going?

    See ya in Nola in a bit however i would highly reccomend to these franchises that they need more frequent service. I posted photos of a very similar property that are all on 15 day service and you can see for yourself the difference 15 days makes on them. They are filthy again in about 7 in some parts of town and others could make it 30 days if needed

    The 2nd photos is of the intital cleaning at these properties. It was taking two men 8 hours to get these stores in shape on the really bad ones so price this accordingly. I did not charge an initial cleaning because of the frequency and the end result after one year is not something to walk away from but it will kick your tail getting these stores in shape for proper maintenance.

    Best of luck to you if you have any questions please feel free to call me "ANYTIME", as per Ron
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    Default Re: Burger King cleaning

    Every 3 months I'd price the same as one time cleanings. They get REALLY bad quickly. Most stores would take 2 guys about 4-6 hours with 100% gum removal. We were servicing 31 locations on a bi-annual basis up here (franchise owned), and this winter I pursued lower cost / higher frequency cleanings ($300 monthly) and they dropped us. Money is tight for these stores (that was the excuse they gave me), and it seems that the only fast food places that are still going strong are McD and Wendy's. BK always look like crap, and they just don't seem to care. I mentioned increased enforcement of CWA violations and they just laughed. I truly hope they get spanked for ten grand, then I'll get them back on a monthly basis. Not my favorite commercial clients, but they'll see the light eventually.
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    BK in our area are only willing to pay $75 on a 30day rotation. Considerably less than I'm willing to do them for so I let the guy who is doing them now keep them. I do hit them with a free demo a couple of time a year just to keep their minds fresh on the fact they aren't being cleaned properly by their current contractor.
    I did a McD's last nite that is on 30days that pays out over the $500 mark. The owners have used other in the past at much lower prices.

    Here is a B&A
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    Thanks for the feed back guys, this BK franchise has like a 150 locations all across the southeast coast, the GM of one location saw me cleaning one of my banks and was inquiring about if I could get up gum. I have given them a test clean on the drive thru(lots of gum but just gave a sample)My thinking is better chance to get multi locations just cleaning every 90days,drive-thru-sidewalks dump.( no parking lot)-with price at $335 per location as I now have the GPM equipment to knock out multi locations in a night time shift.My comunication to my man is based on 3 and more locations. I do muti- location gigs now but not fast food accounts.Glad to have this vine!!!

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    Joe Burke

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    You're going to have to get beyond a GM for any multi-location work. Ask the guy to invite some other GM's and as many district managers for a demo. The district guys hold the purse strings, and you'll have a much better shot at securing multiple locations. Most district managers up here handle 6-10 locations each.
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