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Thread: Headlight restoration?

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    Default Headlight restoration?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you guys are offering headlight restortation to your fleet accounts. I know this is a pressure washing forum but it is a great up sell not to mention 60 bucks for 15min. of work. Below are some examples of my work.
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    Default Re: Headlight restoration?

    What do you use...some kind of buffing agent for this? Just curious...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
    What do you use...some kind of buffing agent for this? Just curious...
    Yeah, I started as a mobile detailer so my truck is equip for both detailing and pressure washing. I use a compound and polish.
    Adrian Gentry
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    There is a couple people here doing that on busy street corners, usually in vacant building lots or business places that are not too busy.

    I checked and it is around $45.00 for both headlights.

    If I wanted to learn how to do that, does someone sell a kit and instructions or training?

    I have a 98' Mustang GT that needs that done on the headlights, they are bad. Not sure if it is worth learning how to do that and try to upsell on fleets or just have it done for my car.

    How much of an investment in your opinion to be able to do this for customers? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Headlight restoration?

    yeah, what Chris said sept I dont do fleet work
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    Default Re: Headlight restoration?

    Looks good, now people can compliain about how bright their lights are.
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    a cheap homeowners kit is available at parts stores all over. Check it out and see if it works for you Chris

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    For a while I was doing 3 or more headlight resto's a week for a used car lot.With the economy down that has just about stopped.
    I used a compound and polish also.I spent part of the time masking the time masking the paint and and rubber around the head lights.usually no more than 30 minutes per car.Average is $60,but I have seen guys doing them for 1/2 that.
    Once in a while they need wet sanding before the compund and polish.
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    Default Re: Headlight restoration?

    Adrian, is there a way to take windshield wiper marks out a windshield? I tried a compound but it might have been too fine. Any suggestions?
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