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Thread: Dog Attack

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    What would you do?
    Was called to give an estimate and there was this huge German Shepard, not a mill puppy type but a full on 100+ lb Police trained type running the yard. (invisible fence) No one home so I did a drive by and called with "estimate" but stated because of the dog I needed to come back to do some test and measurements before "locking" in price. Customer says sounds good, put me on the schedule. Then called yesterday at 7.30 a m saying "come by at 4.30 pm and do the measurements and someone will be there and take care of the dog. Well I drive up and here comes a man out of the garage with the dog. I asked "does he bite?" and was told "no, your OK" so I get out. The dog walks around my truck then doubles back and charges. Yep full on attack... no "false charge" or "defensive act",,,full on, right off an episode of "cops" charge. He lunged and got my forearm in a crush hold and pulled me down back wards. I tried to roll up but he was on me and we were in a slap fight trying to keep him from biting my groin and stomach. Just as I figured "boys" this is it...the guy jumped on him and stopped him but long story short I end up in the ER thinking my arm was broken, and had deep bites to the bone in my forearm. They had to open the wounds up and stick gauze down to the bone to clean it out then irrigate it...To make it even worse the man said right after I got up from the dog, covered in blood, he "tried" to call me to let me know they had changed their mind about the deck. LOL,,,So now I don't even get the job...I told him I didn't intend to make a federal case out of it but he was going to pay the doctor bills without question which he agreed. I'm going to throw in about 250.00 for the two hrs spend in the ER...Animal Control is involved due to the hospital called when I was there and they took a report then went and quarantined the dog as they are required to.

    What would you do? I'm kind of perplexed because I'm not one to sue anyone but this was very close to being very bad,,I was lucky but the next guy might not be. I'm home for at least a few days and can't move my arm though the percacets are helping...LOL But I feel like some trailer trash trying to "get something for nothing" for even thinking of pursuing them for the attack like my wife says too but this was very serious. I have found out this dog is school attack trained and not the first German Shepard these HO's have had which they got after being robbed. Should I "teach" them a lesson or let it be?
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    I would go back and either shoot the dog or feed him some anti freeze. That's messed up I seriously would try and have the dog put down. I am sure I will catch flack, but thats not right
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    Holy Cow...mmm...Glad you are okay. If it were me...I would make a stink about it.
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    You are going to lose work and may have a lot of medical problems down the road from those bites that could effect you financially in a serious way.

    I am not the sueing type, but given what happened and the fact that the guy told you it was OK, to be honest, I would call a lawyer.

    It would be different if you just went barging into his back yard with no one home.

    Good Luck!

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    Get the Attorney !
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    I agree lawyer up. I wouldn't be surprised if they have sought council already.

    It's may be just my suspicious mind,but it almost sounds like you were a test run for killer.The owner knew he had an attack dog and allowed it to roam free around a total stranger.
    Matt is a nurse I can bet he has seen the long term effects of dog bites.Document everything and don't be surprised if the owner backs out on paying any of your medical bills.I'll bet money his story will change in less than a week and he'll be saying you were at fault.
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    Hey man hope you have a speedy recovery. I would be on the phone NOW to a lawyer and sue the heck out of that idiot. Thats just wrong to let that dog roam around, that guy has no control of a potential killer. Wrong, wrong wrong

    I'd be suing him in a heart beat and wouldnt feel bad at all. I would be raising hell about the dog too

    Good luck. hope you get the guy for 100K or more and his dog should be given up to the cops, shouldnt be with this idiot

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    what if you had one of your kids with you or one of your helpers??? Get a lawyer
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    Sorry but with the world the way it is today suing anything that stands still long enough, I'd have to contact a lawyer. Your going to lose work and suffer some pain. Share that pain with the foolish home owner and use the money for a recooperating cruise to the Bahamas or something.
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    I may be mistaken, but I believe dog attacks can be covered under the HO's homeowner policy. Def record the phone log times. I hope you got the "handlers" name in case you need to get him under oath.

    I'm with you---I'm not he sueing type---and I'm generally going to fall down on the side of the animal 95% of the time---but this is an extreme situation. These HO's need to feel some pain for being this numbskulled. So I'd unload with both barrels---enough to the point that you get $$ to cover damages, future pain, being out of work, and hassle. Only you and your lawyer can decide what that amount should be.

    So pick up the phonebook and find someone that has "stein" or "berg" at the end of their name, and go bring the pain.
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