The UAMCC received a call a week or so ago from the gentleman below. He is a Environmental Compliance Officer here in Northern California. Needless to say I was thrown a little off guard when he told me that he found the UAMCC by visiting the different industry related Bulletin Boards. He casually stated that he visits them all the time. I made all the owners of the different BBS's aware of this.

Anyway, his real purpose is to open some dialogue with the UAMCC relating to BMP's for Central Costa County. I wanted to share the discussion with all of you thus far. The below emails are listed in chronological order!

> Carlos,

> Thanks for your time this morning discussing the possibility of UAMCC
> assisting in a possible environmental compliance training class 101 for
> mobile washers. As I briefly explained on the phone, I handle
> pretreatment and storm water inspections in the central Contra Costa
> County area and would like to get some educational outreach to the
> mobile washers on what is required of them to comply in this area.
> Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
> Environmental Compliance Inspector II
> Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
> 5019 Imhoff Place
> Martinez, CA 94553
> (925) xxx-xxxx


It was a pleasure speaking with you also. I am encouraged with the idea
that Central Contra Costa is considering having a open-dialogue with the
mobile contract cleaning industry as it relates to the county's BMP's for
waste water.

As mentioned, the UAMCC was instrumental in assisting the city of
Charlotte and Meklenburg county with their BMP's relating to waste water
runoff. The UAMCC served as a buoy if you will for not only the pressure
washing industry but also assisted in bridging the gap of understanding
between Level I, II & III municipalities and the pressure washing industry
in general. I have enclosed some literature from that meeting for your

Our experience with the CWA and BMP's are keen and vast. The UAMCC's
Environmental Consultant, Mr. Robert Hindeliter, brings a wealth of
experience and expertise to the table. Mr. Hindeliter is considered to be
an expert in the field of wast water management. For a quick snapshot of
the experience that Mr. Hindeliter brings to this subject matter, I would
recommend that you "google" his name.

Our question for Central Costa County revolves around your current BMP's
and what they mean for the pressure washing industry? It is our hope that
the UAMCC will be afforded an opportunity to comment/review the BMP's that
are in place today. Coupled with adopted BMP's, all of Contra Costa
County is facing a serious drought problem. The environmental impact that
water restrictions will cause can also be viewed as a topic that would
most certainly be brought up with BMP discussions.

Representing the pressure washing industry is certainly the UAMCC's main
plight but we also are just as concerned and determined to ensure that
environmental policies are adhere to by our industry. We must ensure that
whatever 'practices' materialize that there is a "fair and responsible"
balance in which BMP's do not drive legitimate business owners out of
business. This is the proclivities that municipalities nationwide and the
pressure washing industry must deal with today.

In order to gain a better understanding of what you want to do 'Marcus",
please elaborate more on your vision and purpose for the training seminar.
Based on your answers, both Robert and I can offer up a summary with our
recommendations on how to proceed.


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