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Thread: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

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    Default Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    The Condo King! Any words of wisdom? I want to be the condo King of NE USA? LOL I'd like to start out slow, maybe 10 areas of 100-150 units. Hopefully grow much larger. Your info at MB was great. I am trying some ideas you gave us and always looking for more. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    Getting ready to take the kids out trick or treating. I will get back to ya this weekend

    1st you got to find what PM companies you want to target. Web search PM companies in your town/city and expand from those areas.

    Find PM websites and see if they have a list or properties and or a list of PM names.Usually not real estate companies, you want PM's that are for HOA/POA/COA Properties

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    Like I said you want PM companies. Now I am not saying real estate companies that do property management work won't have any MULTI UNIT properties such as condo/townhome properties but what quite often is with real estate offices is they manager individual units with in a complex, they often don't manage the entire complex. It the one that manages the entire complex that you want to get to. BUT some real estate companies do manage entire complexes. I just say this because sometime if its real estate office its not really the target you want to go after so you may waste a lot of time,energy, stamps etc going after them. You can possibly find out through your Internet searches or just call the company
    NOW another thing about real estate companies that mange properties, not just sell properties. They can be a good source of work, but sometimes smaller single homes. Around here there's a lot of vacation rentals beach homes etc etc . I don't go after the smaller stuff, but if someone does want this kind of work, these companies may have it. Vacation rental properties quite often are a good source of work, most want to keep them clean and some cleaning is handled by these companies or they will recommend to the actual owner. Some just don't deal with it and its the owner responsibility. Then its just a PITA tracking that person/owner down.

    Once you find some PM companies, now you have to find who do you mail your intro letter to....This can be a hard one at times. Best way is if they have a website and they list the individual PM's or the CEO etc etc. Another good way is just call the receptionist. I quite often have called the receptionist and introduced myself and said I would like to send an info package and I would like a name of the person who would be the best to send it to, who's in charge or oversees the managers. AT THIS TIME I also ask for the company fax number, so I can fax some info. GETTING PERMISSION to fax now and that avoids problems.
    OK now you are calling the receptionist.. I usually never have any problem doing this BUT, I have gotten receptionist that won't help you, they don't give this info out or they will tell you they do all washing in house. Often its just they don't want to deal with you, or they just get a lot of these calls and don't want them.
    I would say 95% of the time you can get GREAT INFO and HELP from the receptionist

    Use your charm, be nice, I don't like asking to much, they are often busy, but being short and sweet will always get you better chances. Now I have also asked to see if they can email or fax me a list of there managers. Must may not, but I have gotten a couple to send me a list over the years.

    Now remember I when I started wasn't a great talker, just not a smooth salesman at all to get people to talk. I think cold calling or asking for the names of a PM and trying to get a meeting with a PM is a great tool. I just was not good at it, getting better, but if you are good at this type of approach and are a good salesman GO FOR IT,

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    Default Re: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    Other way to find PM companies and or HOA's

    Go to a condo property ask a resident if they know who the PM company is, ask if they have the name of a BOD member and a #. Around here there are a zillion HOA, condo properties many are managed by smaller companies that are hard to locate doing a search. Sometimes you can't find a PM so asking residents is your best chance

    Around here and other places, they quite often have small signs at entrances " This Property Managed By XXXX Management"

    3 story and up buildings with elevators quite often the Elevator Certificate in the elevator will have the name of the PM company that holds the cert

    Internet search of yellow pages .com

    Most states I think HOA's are corporations and you can track them through public records


    Any way you can think to find these PM, try it. If anyone has had luck other ways please share them here.

    Stay tuned I will be adding things all fall & winter

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    Default Re: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    Who has a ALOT of condo/townhome properties around your area?

    Give me your location ( in detail, town, city, county, state) and lets do a test, I will try to find PM companies in your area that deal with HOA properties

    Don't know if will work, but I would like to try. I'm pretty sure I will be able to find some PM's for you.

    Not apartment complexes although we can probably find those pretty easy too

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    Default Re: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    montgomery, Al

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    Quote Originally Posted by crfguy168 View Post
    montgomery, Al
    Cool, I will work on this in the next couple days and see what I come up with. Question, is there a lot of condo type properties, 10, 25, 100+. Is Montgomery the only area that you work in, is it the biggest/main area, is the area called anything else, like here in Myrtle Beach its also called the Grand Strand area

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    If you don't mind do Birmingham, Alabama also. Also go ahead and contact the PM and you can even set up the jobs. Let me know when to start. I will send you a gift card or something. jk

    I think it is great the way you are helping people.
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    Default Re: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    Quote Originally Posted by crfguy168 View Post
    montgomery, Al
    Did a quick search. Some are harder than others. I will look more. Look at Affinity Investment Services, do a search, they manage a couple complexes, looks like apartment complexes

    Also search Treehouse Property Management. Looks like they may have some multi unit, but also a lot of just single family homes they manage. I also used to look at these types , sometime they recommend contractors to homeowners ALSO some of these communities have Clubhouse, pool areas, common areas, fences, walls etc that need cleaning. We do a ton of common area work, dozens of pool areas and clubhouses. Several miles of vinyl fencing at times, common area work is good work and a good way for a PM to check you out

    I am surprised neither had their own website. I will do a little more searching when I get time. Remember even around here where this is a zillion HOA communities I can only find a small percentage of property manager at times through searching, I check back and do searches often every couple months and often something new pops up

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    Default Re: Jeff/ Condo King! Words of Wisdom

    I see treehouse stuff everywhere. I am going to look into these. I just got in the door with kyser pm here as well. They manage a decent amount of properties as well as shopping centers.

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