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    Ive got an in with several Property managment company's in the D.C. Baltimore metro area. about 30 buildings ranging from 8 to 33 stories. I'm just looking for help in how to bid something like this. Any pro in highrise wash feel free to throw your input in.
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    sounds like a job for the Condo King...

    I have a couple in my area that are in the 8 story. I want to bid on them but I wouldnt know where to begin on biding or washing
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    There would be a lot more involved in cleaning in Baltimore & DC than here at the beach, dirt mold & mildew is one thing, city grime and pollution is anotyher. 33 stories is a BIG building, anything can be done, but experience is what you need.

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    I can tell you I bid on a 14 story building once I looked at it and figured out what I had to make to do the job and what it would cost me to do it and put it in and don't worry how much it is. That is what I can tell you. I know that you would need some set a swing stage up and move it for you around the building.
    I would bid on them NO PROBLEM
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    Be sure you are covered with your insurance. Most policies don't cover that without a rider.
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    I know when put my bid in for that 14 story my insurance went up a lot but just for the time I needed the insurance for. After 3 to 4 story that is when the
    ins. goes up
    Bryan Otten
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    Thanks for the info!
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