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Thread: Contest #1 - What Question Has Not Been Asked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PressurePros View Post
    Armor All or Tire Shine !
    Are your sure?

    But you are right, it is hard to get off, but it is possible to remove without acids.

    It is not a wham bam its off thing. It does take time

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    Question Re: Contest #1 - What Question Has Not Been Asked?

    Do any of you encounter issues where you are being sued for Mould or Mould Spores? The reason I ask is that my insurance policy specifically notes that I am not insured for this, and then it adds an extension covering me for 250K.

    When I got the policy I wanted 2 Million liability which is apparently what I have, however there seem to be many exclusions that my broker failed to tell me about. One of them being the above.

    Do you think 250K is enough? I also noticed that I am not covered if there are any damages due to pollutants, this flagged me as I am now wondering if they consider our soaps to be polutants?

    They have also excluded coverage for acid washes and sand blasting very specific on our policy.

    Sorry for the usual long post, the earlier post on insurance made me think to ask...

    And Why is it so hard to get coverage for Mobile Pressure Washing????
    Soleil Shepherd
    Spray Wave Mobile Pressure Wash Inc.
    Winnnipeg, Manitoba
    Exterior Building Cleaning Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    Pressure Washing Winnipeg Canada

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