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Thread: UAMCC at 2000+ members

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    Default UAMCC at 2000+ members

    Do you want Gov't grants to be added to Educating the Powerwashing contractor. Better yet do you want a voice in Gov't?? Do you want to be heard nation wide?? Do you want nationwide recognition?? My guestimation is that we will need at least 2000 members to be heard by the ones who count. The ones who count are many contractors thru-out this country and maybe even abroad.

    People if your on the fence about joining the UAMCC remember this. This is the business you chose for whatever reason so why not make this org as powerful as it can be so you are represented to the MAX. I want the Gov't to recognized us. We should be heard. We should have the power to get tremendous medical benefits because we are large in numbers.

    Everything has to be cleaned. So lets clean...and be heard.

    What do you think?? Remember this is the field you picked so lets make a difference. Join and be fellow contractors and....the Gov't.

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    We are all lucky to be born in America. We have a Gov't that can work for us. There are lobbyist all thru-out this country that represent large groups. Lets get lobbyist working for us. Its up to you. We can not do it with 120-800 members. We need more!! Lets do it!! Lets make everyone of us count and be heard. The Gov't will not listen if we remain small in numbers. Large numbers they have no choice. I want to be heard and I know you want to be heard. Many groups are heard but why not us.

    THINK about that. Why aren't we heard. Its comes down to you. You can make a difference. Lets be heard. I want what we deserve as business men/woman. I want the Govt to take notice and give us grants. Give us Insurance incentives...but it comes down to you. What do you want?? it matters to me and many other contractors. Your imput is what is your imput????

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    I want what we deserve as business men/woman. I want the Govt to take notice and give us grants. Give us Insurance incentives..
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,no thanks. I dont want anything like that from the government.............its not their place.

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    Your exactly right. As a member of the PDCA as well, our membership is in the couple thousands. The AIA and several other groups use our standards for painting. We are a National recognised organization and when we do the right job, I always use the standards as my support. It works. The UAMCC is in it's infancy. We have the ability to be a National organization to go to. You are absoultly correct. Good job.
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    I want the UAMCC membership to be large in the future for a few reasons. To help make sure they don't some ridiculous regs BMP's etc against our industry. Hey I want clean water, but we can't get crazy where we are putting contractors out of biz. I have heard some BMP's and they want reclaim where it isnt needed at all. Don't over reg any of us,let us work and the UAMCC and others can help stop crap like that

    I want buying power, discounts on what we need, equipment, chems, health insur anything we can get that will save me/ us $$$$$$

    Promote our industry, more members more we can do

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    Default Re: UAMCC at 2000+ members

    I am not sure we want the government meddling in our business as much as we think it would be good. I understand where John is coming from relating to the Grants. Our 501c6 category could align us with the potential of writing for grants but that in itself is a mixed bag of tricks.

    I wrote grants (CDBG grants) in my former life and let me tell you it is all about politics.

    The UAMCC is far from reaching critical mass yet and we have our due diligence that we must take care of first. Significant policies still need to work their through the UAMCC system. Our infrastructure today would not stand the "test" that is a pre-requirement for almost any grant writing.

    I say we continue to focus on our contractors. Before anyone hands over any money to our industry we first need to get our 'chit together. I won't go any further than that.

    It is a great day...Go UAMCC
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    Quote Originally Posted by RMedbery View Post
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,no thanks. I dont want anything like that from the government.............its not their place.
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    Default Re: UAMCC at 2000+ members

    Yeah I agree keep the f'ing govt out of the game as far out as possible.
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    Default Re: UAMCC at 2000+ members

    I guess I might have missed the mark with this post. I don't wan't the Gov't to be involved with us but what I would like is to have the ability to be able to get whatever it is a large organization can get from the gov't if that makes anymore sense. Grants would be high on that list along with lobbying. But more importantly it would be just great to see the power the UAMCC could have with so many members.

    I hope one day someone who likes to archive old post see's this one and says..WOW he was right that its great the UAMCC has 1000's of members.

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    No, I got your point. I dont think the large companies should be getting it either. Just because their getting it doesnt make it right. Now if there are going to be regulations I have no problem having a voice to help try to make those regulations reasonable. But the less the government is involved in ANYTHING besides protecting our borders and keeping its citizens safe and assuring the freedom of those citizens to do what they wish as long as it doesnt infringe upon those same freedoms of other citizens..................................the better off we are.

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