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Cleaning Wood Baseboards??
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Thread: Cleaning Wood Baseboards??

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    I clean commerical accounts and one of them has wood baseboards that have been stained but are really rough....whoever cleaned before be hit the baseboards with the mop and there is a black line...how can I remove it?

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    Hello. The wood will probably have to be sanded and restained.
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    I know its an old thread but I will chime in. It really depends on what the black is. A lot of times it is a build up of soap and emulsified dirt that gets slopped up on the side from the dirty mop bucket. It may come off with a light mix of soapy water and mild pressure (1000 psi or so) light scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush may also help. Being careful not to get too aggressive on the wood to remove the stain.
    If its a build up of mildew, a light coat of bleach followed by a rinse is also an option. The advantage to it being a baseboard is that the dirt is likely to be on the surface and not embedded into the wood like a traffic area would be. I would test in an inconspicuous area first to see how it works but it is better to try those options before you sand and re stain.
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