I realized some just dont know about the upcoming UAMCC Convention and Tradeshow in Orlando Oct 22-25

I was talking to several contractors that havent heard about the upcoming convention
We have sent emails and postcards to thousands of contractors but still many don't know about the convention. spead the word folks

they can go onto www.uamcc.org and they can also email us at
orlando@uamcc.org to get the PDF file about the convention. Forward it to contractors

SALES SALES SALES. I heard many at the MB RT say they want to know about sakles, how to close the deal, how to get you foot in the door. Its all at the UAMCC convention

George Hedley - Business builder
Mike Parades Community Manager
Bill McKay Direct marketing

Its all about sales and these experts are going to help ALL that go

All the other business building sessions, they are going to take about the do's and don't and most of all how's tro grow your business

Spread the word