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Thread: Parking Garage 101

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    This is the type of Powerwashing that started Houston. The story is recorded on tape. It's just a matter of time, these photo in Houston would be investigative evidence used agaist you.

    I can see those in ct next month.

    Ron Musgraves text me for questions 480-522-5227 Pressure Washing Institute

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    I didn't remember any mention of a DOT approved carrier to remove the sludge. I wish I had known that when I was in the Bay area. I'm glad I got the contact numbers and emails for the people I spoke with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim@GarageCleaning View Post
    Here are some photo's of us cleaning a garage at 310 degrees. Notice the oily sludge. we have as much as 200 gallons of this stuff per garage. We have a DOT approved carrier to haul it away for us, or sometimes we dry it out for transport.

    This is some photos of the oil and sludge we accumulate in a 25-30,000 sq. ft area on the 3rd floor of this garage. If we was cleaning on the first floor, the sludge would be as much as 10 times in volume.

    For this reason, we cannot "reuse the water".

    As you know, our filter can filter up to 40 GPM's. The unit takes 15,000 watts to run it. It weighs empty with trailer about 9,000 lbs. Our active carbon is 1,000 lbs alone.

    I would be curious to see some of the manifests from this DOT carrier.

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