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    For immediate release

    November 22, 2009

    New Faces & Old Friends at EnviroSpec

    Thanks to our loyal customers EnviroSpec had a banner year in 2009. However it did not come easy. Like you – we worked harder and tried to work smarter. We increased our product line, and we engineered new and exciting equipment. We increased our advertising budget substantially. We went to shows and Round Tables around the country. In addition we tried to let you know that even in a down economy that we would continue to be your partner and that we would ride out the storm together and together we would become stronger.

    2010 will bring with it great things for the partnership between our company and yours. First, beginning November 30, 2009 what was once EnviroSpec North/Mobi-Clean, an independent distributor in Wisconsin, will now be a part of EnviroSpec. On that date Paul Kassander will take over the reins as EnviroSpec’s General Sales Manager and that distributor arrangement between Mobi-Clean and EnviroSpec will cease to exist. This will eliminate the exclusiveness of a single distributor and opens the door for others throughout the county who may want to become EnviroSpec Distributors.

    In 2010 Allison Iron Horse which is now a trade name associated with EnviroSpec will become its own corporation. Allison Iron Horse, Inc. will be managed by me, John Allison, the company’s design & applications engineer. For almost 3 decades we have built the industry’s most innovative, powerful and exciting equipment and the year 2010 will be no exception. With increasing technological challenges and demanding customer expectations, the value of Allison Iron Horse is stronger now than ever. By exploring advanced concepts, adventurous suggestions & ideas from our customer base, Allison Iron Horse remains at the forefront of the high pressure cleaning industry. I have always maintained that it has been the professional mobile wash community who provides us manufacturers with the ideas that will make our equipment more productive. Few listen! We do because as an ex-mobile washer myself I know the value of your suggestions and ideas. Keep them coming.

    In 2010 Soap for Hope, our chemical manufacturing division and a product name under the EnviroSpec umbrella will also become its own corporation. Soap for Hope, Inc. will continue to be the charity arm of all related companies that have spun off from EnviroSpec. J. Parrish Allison, my son, will come on board at some point in time in 2010 to take the reins of this newly formed corporation. Parrish’s background is application chemistry from the development stage to the end use. He has an incredible background in the cleaning chemical industry and already has several new products formulated and once out of the testing stages they will be hitting the market.

    The year 2010 will also bring back to us Dr. Pete Case. Many of you will remember Pete from several years back. He was the ‘go to’ guy that when you tried everything imaginable and it still didn’t work – you called Pete. Pete would open his doctor’s bag, pull out his magic wand and ‘shazam’ – your problems went away. Pete will also be writing ‘How To’ articles, Cleaning Opportunity articles, etc. Although Pete’s primary position has yet to be defined you can count on him working as a mentor with all of the newly formed companies and helping them provide our customers with the most knowledgeable information available.

    In conclusion: Much of the driving force behind what we do will always be the Charities that we serve. In 2009 you helped us to donate close to 12,000 pounds of both dog and cat food to needy shelters nearby and around the country. There is a huge increase of families having to turn in their pets simply because they had to make a choice between feeding their kids or their pets. You have help to reduce those numbers through food pantry’s that keep pets in homes until their owners can get back on their feet.

    Through our animal sanctuary, Suzie’s Friends, we spayed/neutered approximately 500 cats and dogs in 2009 and adopted over 300 as we worked every weekend at adoption events throughout our community.

    Your purchases also go to help the quality of life for children with life threatening illnesses. Each year – in your name we will make donations to both the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Tampa, FL and Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, CT.

    We do a lot with the small profits from your purchases. As you were reading this press release I am sure a few of you conjured up the idea that we are some huge company with international ties and a board of directors that would include retired Generals, dignitaries, lawyers, doctors and such. The facts are that we are made up of less than 15 highly motivated, dedicated & determined employees that care a great deal about what we do and thankful for the opportunities that we have.

    In closing we want to make absolutely sure that you know just how much we appreciate all that you have done for us and the communities that we serve and I trust that EnviroSpec has been as important to your success as you have to ours.

    You are all in our prayers as we begin this joyous Holiday Season. Be safe, be thankful and above all extend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate.

    Thank You & Happy Holidays to All

    John & Shelley Allison
    and from our employees who are the ones that make things work. Thank you from Suzie and all of her friends at the Sanctuary who know and understand that it has been because of you that they are safe and have nothing to fear as they wait and pray for a new, loving home.

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    Congrats John and all the e-spec personnel. You folks have definitely become more than a distributor with affordable pricing. Envirospec is not afraid to be cutting edge and that's admirable. Hope you knock 'em dead in 2010.
    Ken Fenner
    PressurePros, Inc
    House Washing
    Pressure Washing Companies

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    Best of luck with all that you are doing and thank you for being out there for the contractors and all the charities you support

    Keep moving forward good luck and thank you,

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