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Jim, not to try and start any ruckus with this reply but, why is it your spending so much money on your equipment and being such a cheap a&& on a measley battery. You pride yourself on having the best equipment possible but you run a Costco battery in it only for the warranty. Just my .02. That's like buying a Kia because of the 100,000 mile warranty and cost but you already know it is not going to perform to the specs you want it to.

I appreciate what you are saying, but I go through Batteries so fast, especially on the hydraulic jacks and the turbo twisters. When you spend $600+ on batteries every two to three years, you tend to look at the warranty you are buying.

If I bought the Optima which sells for $150 to $200 each, that $600 would be $1,050 to $1,400 dollars every 4 to 6 years with a lessor COMMERCIAL warranty of 12 months which they would consider my rig/ my trailer as.....COMMERCIAL. They then would pro rate it from there. After 4 years, I would have little to no value left. This is how they explained it to me. Apparently Optima is very strict about their warranty in our area.

I choose the cheaper battery at 1/2 the cost with a 3 year full exchange, no questions asked with a 7 year pro rated warranty. They work fine and we have no problems with them during the 2- 3 years of extreme use. We get the 850 or more Cold Cranking Amp batteries which in most cases a higher rating for CCA than Optima.

We also do not have to worry about someone stealing them on the job-site. This has already happened to us once on the filter which was unmanned in the lower floors. They just took the battery.

DON"T get me wrong, I think Optima is a better battery by far, but for the lessor warranty, higher costs and the possibility that someone will recognizes it as something of value and steal it, it is hard to justify the expense.

I then take the money I save and go buy something nice for my wife.