From the doctors that deliver, To the nurses that take care.

To the transport team that’s waiting when urgency rings the bell.

From specialists, to surgeons. And the neonatal team, it takes a special group of people to make things work the way they should be.

As a result a new life is born, healthy and stable a new future can now take its course.

Without the work of these very special people, Our future would diminish and life would have no means. Thank you to those who stood by my side, with out you I’d never experience life.

Landon John Henry Al-Jazrawi

12-6-2009 - Present

As you can see from the short poem I wrote, The surgery was a success and he is now on the green road to recovery, It still is going to take a while, but at least now I know In a few months time, I will be changing poop, and getting urinated on. I never thought I'd think that would be a good thing, but its life in your arms, when you almost lost it.

He is still intubated, Because his vitals could not handle such rapid breathing, but the really cool thing is, it is a regulated ventilator, it breathes good breath every 5 seconds, and he breathes the ones in between, essentially giving him time to strengthen and breath completely on his own.

It is still going to be some time, but now I know Im not going to lose him.

the doctors said that the more he knows we are there, and the more he feels our touch, recovery is always certainly much quicker. So from now till the day he is discharged I will be holding his little hand, and telling him all about the family business, and the great second family that help support him into this world.

Just wanted to update you all, its almost 4:00am here, and I am so emotional with joy. The donations have been amazing so far, and I know more is coming, You all are the most amazing group of people I have ever met

God Bless all of you

Kiss your Kids, Hug your Wife, and Cherish your life!!