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Thread: A cause worthy of National support

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    Default A cause worthy of National support

    I haven't seen a post here about the following and I realize that links to other forums is a no-no, but I feel strongly about exceptions to any rule so I'm exercising that opinion now.

    THIS is what being a strong national body is about - supporting this fellow washer - helping in any way possible be it by a financial donation or going to help him complete jobs in order to stay alive. This man's family - his new son's life - is teetering. Member or not - supporter or not, this is where we separate those who want to help and truly care from those who just posture and puff.

    Prayers, donations or assistance - this is what he needs. Please help make their lives and Christmas a little better.

    Roger Gothorp

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    Hey Celeste I can't read the origanal thread and can't see the pics I am not logged in at PWI or TGS

    Is this Johns new born I assume, how old is the baby

    I will get out a donation tonight

    If anyone is in his area, maybe do a job or two for him

    I would be going crazy if this was one of my children

    God Bless

    Keep this thread going, maybe one less present to a family member and send it to Johns family

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    I copy and paste the wording.....there are photos with it though which is why I did the link.

    Here's all of the details from his posts:

    6.7oz 1 day old, Please pray for my little guy
    Yesterday night my wife went into labor 1 month early, They had to do an emergency C- section, When the baby arrived, he took about 15 min, to wake up and cry.

    Soon after they noticed his breathing was very strained, they put him on an oxygen tank but that did not improve his vitals, soon after about 3 hours after deliver he crashed, and they did an emergency intubation, the nurse used a hand pump to keep him alive for 20 minuets untill lifeflight came with a specialiast from texas childrens, They soon removed the hand pump, and now he is on life support, at texas childrens. They are saying he may be 6.07oz but his lungs are that of a 3 pounder.

    My wife has only seen him for 1 min right after delivery, and he his now not even in the same hospital as us, If he does recover he will be in the NICU for over a month.

    Please pray for my family and my little guy, he is a fighter.

    Landon John Henry Al-jazrawi
    Roger Gothorp

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    Thank You EVERYONE! Please Read! Landon Aljaz To my Pressure Washing Family,

    This past week has been one of the hardest weeks we have ever experienced, With my wife still recovering from the C-section, and me running back, and forth to take care of the little one we already have, and visiting Landon, I am utterly, incomprehensively, exhausted.

    Being strong for my wife, and family throughout this whole ordeal has been the most difficult task I have ever had to accomplish. I showed her all the sincere, and kind words that my second family here at PWI has expressed, and she was very moved.

    I unfortunately am shutting down work, for the next few months to be there for my family. Some of you know that during the holiday season, I hang Christmas lights, and have a very large customer base. This year however I am not going to be doing that.

    I have subbed out some work, and made a little money, but I know with the long term effects baby Landon is going have, I am going to need to be home more.

    I am incredibly embarrassed in asking this, But I have no other options as of this moment, My local church is taking some donations. and Unfortunately I am going to have to ask my family here at PWI for some as well.

    The baby was taken off life support yesterday morning, and we took plenty of pictures, and were able to hold him for the first time, Unfortunately his vitals took a turn for the worst last night, and he was re intubated.

    He has been Diagnosed, with RDS ( Respitory Distress Syndrome) as well as heart condition called Pulmonary Hypertension Ventrical Disorder. Meaning his heart is not pumping enough blood to the lungs, to transfer the oxygen. He has had 2 blood transfusions thus far.

    They will be performing a heart surgery tomorrow to open the vertical leading to his lungs.

    The doctors have said that this surgery should help him breath on his own better, and that the recovery should be quicker. Unfortunately he will be in the NICU for at least another month or more it all depends on him.

    I am mentally tired, depressed, and to weak to push my self to fulfill and jobs that I had scheduled for the month.

    So I am unfortunately asking, for help.

    Anything at all will help, I just Need a push. As a business owner, I was not prepared for this downfall, and the cushion we had is slowly deteriorating.

    My address is:

    Mr & Mrs John Al-jazrawi
    159 Camellia St
    Sugar Land, TX 77478

    I will be eternally grateful to any donations made to me, and my family.

    As Pat mentioned in the last thread, the baby was on a paralytic, and managed to squeeze my wifeís hand. That was an amazing gift from god

    Here are some pictures, God bless all of you for all your support. And thank you for your continued prayers.

    Again, this is very embarrassing, for me I feel like I have failed as a father and Husband

    The last Picture and when he was Literally paralized and still was sqeezing my wifes pinkie.
    Roger Gothorp

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    Oh wow look - the pics came too :)

    Well there you have it - we should do everything possible to help this family and colleague.

    Merry Christmas folks :)
    Roger Gothorp

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    As a suggestion...

    One of the other org's that I belong to has set up a system for this type of situation. Every year when dues are due, they post the balance of the fund. Then members add whatever $$ they want to their dues payment and the extra is added to the fund.
    Doug Tripp
    Valley Mobile Cleaning, Inc
    845 544 3645

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    No one should have to go through this with their child. God gives us all only what he believes we can handle. Sometimes tat seems to get pushed to the limit. Massive prayers going out for John and and his family.
    Ken Fenner
    PressurePros, Inc
    House Washing
    Pressure Washing Companies

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    God I hope the baby survives, such a cute little guy. Thanks for the pictures Celeste of the little angel.

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    Celeste, Thank you for posting my threads here, I did not want to spam my problems on others.

    But as stated above things, are very very critical right now.

    Sorry for such a short post, but all thoughts, prayers, donations, kind words is all I ask.

    Landon will be in surgery in a few hours. This is an incredibly risky surgery, and a last resort that we have come down to.

    I do have a few companies here in houston taking some of the jobs, but soon the Percent that Im getting is not going to cut it.

    Thank you all for so many kind words, My hearts go out to all of you.

    In that last picture, the baby was on a paralytic drug and was medicaly paralized and under anastesia to keep him asleep, and some how he grabbed my wifes finger, and held on for almost 20 minuets. that was truly a miracle that no doctor or nurse can yet explain

    We did get to hold him for a few hours, then he crashed and was swept away to be intubated again.

    Thank you all.
    Aqua Clean Pressure Washing

    Houston Pressure Washing Houston Roof Cleaning


    John Aljaz

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    Default Re: A cause worthy of National support

    John, as a mother, I cannot fathom the agony that your wife must be experiencing not being able to be close to either of her children right now. I will tell you that the PWNC has already begun a support drive for your family and while we can't help take some of your work load, we are certainly going to try to provide some relief in one way or another.

    Give it to God - your time is not to be spent worrying, it's meant to be spent with your wife, son and other baby holding them all dear and being thankful for that. You are in our prayers.

    Roger Gothorp

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