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Thread: New EPA Lead RRP Rule

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    Below is a link to a 34 page booklet that answers some questions. It does not specifically address power washing.
    Tim Fields

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    I don't see this as a bad thing at all. Bring it on. Education is a good thing, and if we all work safer as a result, even better.

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    I'm being told that pressure washing contractors fall under this rule. Does anyone know?
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    I don't think anyone really knows for sure. We are all dancing around it. This is something the orgs (plural) should be looking into.
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    I am reading stuff now how the EPA is backing off on a lot of waste water related violations. My experience in my own area - I think we'll continue to see hacks galore grinding lead paint like I have seen on a consistent basis. I have hard time believing the industry is going to be policed. To me, this is an area where you are a high profile contractor doing work for municipalities, large inner city commercial work, etc. Anyone else is just going to be self-policing if they jump on board - and trying to explain to homeowners why the price is even higher than the hack.

    I admire the flow of information and knowledge on these boards - but the typical residential contractor that goes down to the local paint store - I doubt they'll catch wind of any of this for a very long time. This is good for me - I've been looking for a good excuse not to bid pre-78 homes anyways, too much work, not enough pay. Now I can just tell folks, that my business direction has changed for the upcoming year and won't be bidding on these older structures, and then tell them about all the new EPA regulations and the requiring of lead abatement licensing, etc. This way they can bitch at Uncle Sam vs. bitching at me.
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