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Thread: ACR Roundtable update

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    Default ACR Roundtable update

    My guess is there is around 60 people at this RT. The speakers as always so far have been excellent. The demonstrations alone were worth the money.

    There will be more pictures and updates on this later because I have to head back from my Hotel.

    I would like to say that the President of the PWNA Dan Galvin was there and what a good guy to talk to. Its interesting talking to guys who came in after I left. There is a reason why he is the current president and it shows.

    John Orr Representing the UAMCC was a pleasure to talk to. For me personally I was so happy to see John step up to the plate and take the Treasurer position which is a position I once held with the PWNA.

    The UAMCC could not have sent a nicer and well verse guy like John to represent them. John is as always a pleasure to talk with and just all around a good guy. There was so much to talk about that its slipping my mind but I think I introduce John To Dan Galvin and of course the conversation we all had that we can relate to was "What happened to Brian Penney and Cujo Cooley".

    Anyway it was fun to see these guys and many many more. I kind of miss Jack Kramer but I was told he was at a Karate Competition and that is his passion so you have to go with that.

    So expect to see some more pictures and updates about this Pig roasting fun learning event.

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    It will be great to see pics......I read some of your other updates - looks like the count reached 75! That might be an all time high for ACR :) Tom & Barbara have always always had some of the best round tables ever!

    Hopefully we'll have a full write-up about this event in the Pressure Washing News!

    Roger Gothorp

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    Yup the head count was confirmed at 75. There were some Power washing celebs there such as John Orr UAMCC Treasurer, Dan Gavin PWNA President, Ron Musgraves Power washer extrodinair and Krystal Burger's number one customer, Mr. Sammy the Bull Gravano...errr I mean Rob Huffman and some others including that huge pig on the grill and all the piglets around it that were getting ready to do some serious eating.

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    Here are some Pictures. The first Picture is of me, Dan Galvin the PWNA Pres., Ron Musgraves the PW Extrodinair and Rod Rodriguez From the See Dirt run and a UAMCC member.

    The other pictures are of the packed room which gives you an idea of how many people were in Tom and Barbara's shop.

    And the last but not least picture is Beth Borrego from SEE DIRT RUN and a UAMCC member doing a class about Marketing. She was excellent as usual.
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